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Developing a Seamless Hotel Device Control App


Company Overview

Overcoming Challenges in Hospitality Industry with Tridhya's Expertise

Effortlessly control your hotel room with Pariot

Pariot is the ultimate solution for controlling hotel devices with ease. This application is designed in German language for both Android and iOS platforms. The app offers an intuitive and interactive UI and UX, specifically catering to the needs of hotel guests. Pariot Hotel App allows guests to control all devices in their room while giving hotel owners complete control over the devices. With its user-friendly interface, this app simplifies the device control experience for all users. Tridhya Tech developed the Pariot app, which provides seamless and innovative solutions to your hospitality needs.

Business Challenges

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    Compatibility with Different Devices

    One of Tridhya's concerns was ensuring compatibility with numerous devices. As the app was accessible on both the Android & iOS platforms, it had to be compatible with multiple versions of operating systems and devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This required rigorous testing to verify that the app worked properly on various devices, and any bugs had to be fixed as soon as possible.

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    User Interface Design

    The app was required to provide easy navigation and clear instructions for guests to operate the devices in their rooms. The interface also needed to be visually appealing and consistent with the hotel's branding.

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    Integration with Smart Devices

    The app was designed to control various devices in hotel rooms, such as bulbs, heaters, and TVs. Integrating the app with different types of smart devices was a challenge due to varying protocols and interfaces.


Business Solution


Cross-Platform Compatibility Solution

To ensure compatibility with different devices, solutions were provided by Tridhya that allowed for the creation of mobile applications that worked seamlessly across different platforms.


Intuitive User Interface Design

The user interface design is crucial for any mobile application. The design was made intuitive, userfriendly, and aesthetically pleasing. With a hotel application, it was important to ensure that the design was simple and easy to use, especially for guests who may not have been familiar with the technology.


Integration with Smart Devices in Hotel Rooms

The Tridhya team integrated the Pariot app with various smart devices in hotel rooms by ensuring it can communicate with different APIs and protocols, thus providing a seamless and convenient experience for hotel guests.

Hotel Device Control Mobile Application

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed the Pariot Hotel App, providing an innovative and user-friendly solution to control hotel devices with ease. Through their efforts, they tackled the challenges of compatibility with different devices, intuitive user interface design, and integration with various smart devices in hotel rooms. Tridhya also ensured that hotel owners had full control over the features, such as TV remote control, bulb and heater control, and more, through an intuitive and interactive user interface. This project highlighted the quality and efficiency of Tridhya Tech’s work in delivering top-notch solutions that catered to the needs of their clients in the hospitality industry.

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