Cloud Consulting Services

Optimize your network, storage, and operations with Cloud Services from Tridhya Tech. We offer scaling, evaluation, and resource monitoring for all your cloud-based needs.


Cloud Migration

We create robust applications to migrate legacy apps to the cloud, leveraging the advantages of the technology. Our migration experts come up with detailed dependency mapping and migration sequencing approaches for enhanced agility, offering migration from on-premises to cloud or from cloud to cloud.


Management & Support

Control and manage your applications and services in the cloud.


Cloud Optimization

Select and assign the right resources to the workload in the cloud.


Cloud Security

Policies, technologies, controls, and apps to protect your cloud.


Cloud Management and Support

We offer organized and personalized cloud management services backed by SLAs to control, administer, and maintain cloud-based services and solutions. Our support teams hold a firm control over cloud computing environments, maintaining a smooth and cohesive execution. There is tight monitoring and performance optimization over cloud infrastructure, applications, resources, costs involved, data services and security control.


Continuous Monitoring

Comprehensive and uninterrupted cloud monitoring including speed optimization, log maintenance, metrics evaluation, infrastructure checking and resolving problems faced by users.


Performance Optimization

Maintain performance of cloud components to meet user expectations through a continuous monitoring process, ensuring minimal cost variations.


Security & Risk Assessment

Uncover the most vulnerable security issues and risks involved like data breaches, data leakage and loss, insecure APIs, account hijack etc. and implement key security controls.


Data Protection

Secure organizational data in the cloud environment through modernized methods to keep the vulnerable data safe from unauthorized access and control.


Cloud Optimization

Using our experience and expertise in the world of cloud services, we select and assign the ideal resources for your job, provide an effective cloud costing approach, and optimize infrastructure to its best. Our expert recommendations are aimed towards a secure, creative, and seamless cloud management approach with negligible wastage of cloud resources and maximum business revenue.


Cloud Performance Optimization

Continuous competence to maintain performance and leverage computing resources effectivity to adhere to system needs, as and when changes occur in the system and technology stack.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Extract means like capacity planning, cost monitoring tools etc. to execute cloud applications with maximum business value and lowest costs involved.


Cloud Security Optimization

Heighten top-notch security mechanisms and privacy controls as per cloud infrastructure needs, to maintain a tight control over the entire cloud landscape.


Cloud Security

We develop and implement custom security solutions, with managed and controlled access, that protects your cloud applications, data, and infrastructure from any kind of unauthorized threat. Our security experts implement top-notch security measures to avail total control over various cloud protection factors such as user authentication, resource access and data privacy. Our real-time monitoring capabilities help in risk mitigation and avoiding illegal access.


Identity & Access Management

Ensure right management of resources with complete control over permission and user access, through a set of defined policies that can detail out what to access and what to do with it.


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Detect violations and malicious behaviour over cloud networks and implement effective intrusion detection systems to reduce the risk of intrusion over the cloud.


Security Data & Event Management

Effective implementation of Security Data & Event Management (SIEM) in a cloud environment to avail centralized and next-gen detection, analytics, and monitoring of all security related components.

Leading Cloud Services For Your Business

Assess, choose, and execute the best-suited scaling plans to shift your resources containing huge data with security measures. Tridhya Tech offers easy and affordable access to your applications and resources with its cloud services. Without any need for internal infrastructure and hardware, take your operations to the cloud.


Our Cloud Solution To Bring Positive Changes

Infrastructure for your project to help you with automation and cloud-based culture.


Cloud Consulting

Build, operate, and manage enterprise-level cloud infrastructure designed for your business.


Business Continuity

Make your operations flexible by making your resources flexible with cloud services.


Cloud Security

Protect your cloud operations with high-end security measures from Tridhya Tech.


Cloud services are on-demand computing resources provided over the internet. This includes virtual servers, storage, databases, networking, and more. Users can access and manage these resources remotely, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure. Cloud services are hosted in data centres, and users pay for what they use, leading to cost efficiency and scalability.

Cloud services offer numerous benefits, including cost savings through pay-as-you-go pricing, scalability to accommodate changing needs, global accessibility, improved collaboration, automatic software updates, and enhanced disaster recovery options.

Cloud services are generally categorized into three models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS provides virtualized computing resources, PaaS offers a platform for application development, and SaaS delivers software applications over the internet.

Cloud service providers prioritize security and employ advanced measures such as data encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance certifications. However, the responsibility for securing your data also rests partly with you. It's crucial to implement best practices like strong access management and data encryption on your end.

Choosing a cloud service provider depends on factors like your specific requirements, budget, geographic preferences, data privacy regulations, and the services offered. Popular providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Research each provider's offerings, customer reviews, and support options to make an informed decision.

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