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Developing a Social Casino Gaming App: The Voice


Company Overview

Transforming the Social Gaming Experience with Tridhya

Win big with The Voice, a social casino game app!

The Voice is a social casino game that offers players a chance to win a jackpot for free. It offers a variety of officially licensed and branded slot gaming options. The app is currently only available in New Zealand & United Kingdom and features a global leaderboard and a variety of casino games. To develop the app, The Voice team hired Tridhya Tech, to build a platform that would help reduce users' carbon footprint and promote an eco-friendly economy.

Business Challenges

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    Token-based Login and Registration

    The development team had to ensure that the users had a secure and seamless registration and login process that included the usage of unique tokens. This added complexity to the authentication process. Instead of the traditional login process, token-based authentication required generating a special token for user authentication.

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    Time-limited Gameplay with Tokens

    Tridhya had to create a feature that allowed users to play games within a certain time restriction and use the tokens they had acquired to initiate or enhance gameplay. This required meticulous planning to ensure that the game mechanisms were balanced and that users could have an enjoyable and interactive experience.

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    Custom Animation and Sound Effects

    It was difficult for Tridhya to design specific animations and sound effects that would enhance the user's engagement with the app and create a unique and immersive experience. The animations and sound effects had to be tested and fine-tuned to ensure seamless performance and no negative impact on the app.


Business Solution


Token-based Authentication for Secure Registration and Login

Tridhya implemented token-based authentication to provide a secure and easy registration and login process. Upon registration, each user was given a unique token used for authentication during login. Tokens were managed properly by updating them with each API call and verifying their authenticity before granting access to the game.


Token-enhanced Time-Limited Gameplay

Tridhya utilized tokens to tackle time-limited gaming by allowing users to spend acquired tokens to enhance gameplay within a certain time frame. This was accomplished by updating tokens on each API call, resulting in an enjoyable experience that didn't expire due to time or lack of tokens.  


Synchronized Animation and VFX Solution

Tridhya developed an improved animation class and timer handler to manage both animation and sound VFX within a specific timeline, which ensured a seamless and synchronized user experience. By creating a more efficient system, Tridhya was able to fix the problem of inconsistent animation and sound synchronization.

Social Casino Gaming Application

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Tridhya Tech successfully implemented the necessary features to develop the social casino gaming app, from implementing token-based authentication for secure login and registration to developing synchronized animation and sound VFX. With features such as virtual chips, monetization options, daily giveaways, and ranking displays, the game offers an exciting and engaging experience to players. This successful collaboration between The Voice and Tridhya Tech highlights the importance of a strong development team in creating a seamless and interactive mobile application.

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