Case Study

Car Leasing Portal Solution for a Multinational Car Leasing Company


Company Overview

A Multinational Automotive Giant's Visionary Approach to Leasing and Transportation Innovation

Our client is a prominent multinational group based in Japan, specializing in groundbreaking leasing, transportation, and automobile-related services. With a global footprint, they are renowned for their innovative solutions that revolutionize the automotive industry. A customer-centric approach ensures seamless experiences, while a diverse service portfolio caters to individual and corporate needs. Their cutting-edge Car Leasing Portal facilitates smooth user journeys, exemplifying their commitment to excellence in mobility solutions. Our Client India is an industry leader, consistently setting high standards in quality and innovation.

Business Challenges

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    Dashboard Efficiency Issue

    The existing dashboard for viewing car models is inefficient, causing a slow and frustrating user experience. Additionally, generating reports and quotes is a time-consuming process. The client requires a more streamlined and efficient dashboard.

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    Lack of Online Registration and Leasing Process

    The absence of an online user registration and leasing process hinders the client's ability to keep up with the demands of a modern, digitally-driven market. This outdated approach impacts the client's competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

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    Overreliance on Support and Sales Calls

    The client's business model heavily relies on support and sales calls to manage inquiries and customer requests. This dependence not only strains the company's resources but also falls short in meeting the rising demand for self-service options among customers.


Business Solution


Efficient User Management System

Implement a robust user management system with distinct roles and permissions for retail, corporate, and partner users using Liferay Roles & Permissions. This ensures a seamless and secure experience for each user type, streamlining the user management process.


Streamlined Operations and New Model Management

Introduce configurable services and time-efficient solutions for admin controls, enabling rapid management of new model launches and model variants. This eliminates the time-consuming aspects of the previous process, catering to the client's frequent new product releases.


Real-time Data Integration and Enhanced User Service

Establish seamless integration with backend systems and update car pricing from OEMs in real-time via APIs. Additionally, introduce self-service features for quote requests, generation, complete car comparison, and submission, improving user autonomy and satisfaction while maintaining a consistent UI/UX.

Car Leasing / Rental Web Portal Development

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In conclusion, the journey of our client towards modernizing its car leasing and transportation services represents a resounding success. By addressing challenges with innovative solutions, the company has embraced a future-ready approach. With enhanced user experiences, streamlined operations, and real-time data integration, Our client now stands at the forefront of the industry, poised to deliver a seamless and efficient mobility solution. This transformation not only elevates the company's competitiveness but also sets a new standard for excellence in the automotive sector, underscoring the potential for growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving market.

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