B2B & B2C Web Portal Development Services

Strengthen Long Term Partnerships Through Digital Portals. Enhance Collaboration and Build a Competitive Advantage.

B2B/B2C Portals

Create custom B2B/B2C portals Development for an array of industry segments, bringing together enterprises and their global business partners. As your valued partner, our digital platform facilitates seamless interaction between your business and your partners – customers, buyers, vendors etc., offering a personalized and intuitive experience.

Intranet Portal

Intranet Portal Development

Develop a custom Intranet portal Development that facilitates internal management of data, applications, and information. Our solution experts design the portal with a personalized home page that allows access to other enterprise information with fast circulation amongst employees. We can deploy the Intranet portal on the cloud or on-premises, as required. The portal allows access of internal and external resources to employees for better collaboration.

HR Portal

HR Portal Development

Design a robust Human Resource portal Development that acts as an internal gateway for the employees and potential employees to avail HR-related data or any other information. It can also be accessed by job aspirants. Our aim is to enhance and encourage employee creativity by streamlining information and offering immediate access, when desired. It also bridges the gap between HR staff and employees, making it a cohesive environment.

Knowledge Management Portal

Knowledge Management System

Develop a Knowledge Management System as a modernized digital platform that preserves, organizes, and retrieves the knowledge resources of an organization and makes it available to employees and stakeholders, as needed. As a centralized knowledge store for companies, this portal consolidates the content in a systematic manner and empowers employees to avail high-quality content at the tip of a finger.

News & Entertainment Portal

News & Entertainment Portal Development

Create a robust News & Entertainment portal Development that offers dynamic sections and categories as per your requirements. We ensure that the portal is high-performance, mobile-friendly, secure, flexible, responsive, and scalable. Our skilled designers and developers offer the best of visually appealing user interfaces and user experience with cutting-edge technologies, based on the industry experience gathered over years.


Hospital Management System

Design and develop a comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management System that effectively takes care of all hospital activities, manages information related to healthcare and all workflows related to healthcare stakeholders. Our domain experts ensure total compliance to government rules and regulations with complete data security and privacy features. This portal can be implemented on-premises or through the cloud.

Content Management System

Content Management System

Empower your teams with competent CMS portals for faster creation, edit and maintenance of web pages. Our skilled B2B/B2C portal experts offer integration of websites with CMS and dynamic management of web content for effective marketing, sales, and communication. We get together the industry best practices and data for a unified strategic methodology to content management, ensuring organizations of a consistent customer communication experience.


B2B and B2C portals enhance user experience by providing a centralized hub for accessing information, products, and services. They offer personalized content, product recommendations, efficient order management, and secure payment options. These portals streamline interactions, reduce friction in transactions, and offer a convenient way for users to find what they need.

Implementing a B2B/B2C portal can benefit your business in several ways. For B2B, it can streamline order processing, enhance collaboration with suppliers, and automate inventory management. In B2C, it can expand your market reach, improve customer engagement through personalized experiences, and provide valuable insights through data analytics to refine your strategies.

When selecting a Web portal solution, consider features such as user-friendly navigation, responsive design for mobile accessibility, robust search capabilities, secure payment gateways, personalized user profiles, real-time inventory updates, order tracking, and integration with backend systems like CRM and ERP for seamless operations.

Yes, our B2B/B2C portal is designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Users can access and navigate the portal on various devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of the screen size.

Absolutely. The portal offers personalized user profiles where you can manage your preferences, update contact information, and save favorite products/services. This customization helps tailor your experience to your specific needs, making navigation and product discovery more efficient.

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