Case Study

Developing a Customer Self-Service Portal for Insurance Company


Company Overview

Client is a trusted partner committed to securing your well-being and aspirations

Our client, stands as a prominent player in India's insurance landscape. The company's robust financial backing, innovative product offerings, and customer-centric approach have cemented its reputation as a trusted partner in securing the aspirations and well-being of its policyholders. With a nationwide presence, ethical practices, and commitment to social responsibility our client is a trusted partner in ensuring financial security and success.

Business Challenges

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    Empowering Policyholders with Modern Self-Service

    The client aimed to empower its policyholders with a modern customer portal for self-service. This required addressing the challenge of developing an intuitive and user-friendly platform that could meet diverse customer needs.

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    Integration of Complex Backend Systems

    The client grappled with a diverse array of complex backend systems, including PAS, CRM, and Ticket Management Systems. The challenge was to consolidate all the necessary and relevant customer information into a unified system, ensuring seamless accessibility for policyholders.


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    Creating an Immersive User Experience

    The client aspired to offer an immersive and intuitive user experience within the customer portal. Achieving this involved addressing user interface design, and interactive functionalities, and ensuring a seamless and engaging interaction with the platform.


Business Solution


Leveraging Liferay's CMS and DMS

To address the challenge of empowering policyholders with modern self-service, the customer portal was developed using Liferay's robust Content Management System (CMS) and Document Management System (DMS) capabilities. This provided a foundation for an interactive and user-friendly portal.


Seamless Backend Integration via WSO2 API Gateway

To tackle the challenge of integrating complex backend systems, the customer portal was seamlessly integrated with the PAS, CRM, and Payment Gateway through the WSO2 API Gateway. This integration ensured that policyholders could access and manage their policies effortlessly.



Key Functionalities and Self-Service Features

To create an immersive user experience, key functionalities, such as a customer dashboard, premium online payment, and the ability to view and download relevant policy documents, were implemented. Additionally, self-service capabilities were introduced, enabling policyholders to modify and update personal and nominee details conveniently within the portal.

Customer Self-Service Portal for Insurance Company

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The collaboration between the client and the development team has resulted in a transformative customer portal. Overcoming the challenges of providing modern self-service and integrating complex backend systems, the solution leverages Liferay's CMS and DMS capabilities. This empowers policyholders with seamless access to their information and a user-friendly experience. Key functionalities, such as premium payments and document access, offer an immersive and intuitive interface, redefining customer service in the digital age and emphasizing the value of adaptability and innovation in meeting evolving customer demands.

Applied Technologies

DXP 7.3

DXP 7.3





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