Contract Management System For Telecom Industries

Company Overview

Efficient and Convenient Solutions to Enhance Service Delivery and Simplify Contracting for Telecom Industry. 

Efficiency & Innovation in telecom contracts

Our client is a reputed Telecom and IT service provider catering to varied business needs.  Their primary mission is to provide exceptional communication and technology solutions to help clients in achieving their organizational goals. With a strong commitment to providing remarkable service, they have a team of skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring an outstanding customer experience. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop customized solutions to meet their unique requirements. With extensive experience in the telecom and IT industries, they offer the highest level of service and support to help clients succeed in their respective areas.

Business Challenges

Telecom Standards Compliance

We needed to implement procedures that strictly comply with the standards mandated by telecom firms and governing bodies.

Customizing Internal Processes for Telecom Companies

Design flexible procedures that can adapt to the different internal procedures of every telecom corporation. Establish dynamic systems that are capable of adjusting to the specific needs of each company.

Authenticity of Generated Contract Documents

The system's contract documents need to be genuine and valid, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the approval process. These documents must be generated and authorized through the system, providing a dependable and reliable approach to document management.

Business Solution

Streamlined Contract Creation Process

The roaming, legal, and finance departments were all part of our dynamic workflow. Completed forms collected technical and commercial information, as well as third-party integration created templates. Our multi-level approach ensured communication as well as task assignment with clear deadlines. 

Branded angular UI with Workflow Dashboard

We also provided an Angular-based UI that reflects the branding theme of the client. Each user has access to a dashboard that provides a quick overview of workflows in progress, their status, and timelines.

Task management tool with inbox and outbox

Additionally, each user got an inbox and outbox to keep track of assigned and delivered tasks.

Secure Document Management with Digital Signatures

Finally, our system offered digital signature capability using DocuSign, ensuring the authenticity and security of the documents.


Overall, we faced several challenges in creating contracts that adhered to strict industry standards and regulations, while also accommodating the individual processes of each telecom company. However, our solution involved a dynamic workflow that streamlined the contract creation process, reduced irregularities in contract formats, and decreased the time required for drafting contracts. By incorporating third-party integration, multi-level workflows, and digital signature capabilities, our system not only addressed these challenges but also enabled end-users to renew their contracts easily- ultimately leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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