Why You Should Choose Liferay Development Services for Your Next Application

Liferay development has started gaining popularity in the corporate world. Here are the top ten business benefits of Liferay development services.

For seven years in a row, Liferay has held a top position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. As an open-source enterprise software development platform, Liferay has set many milestones while delivering robust and reliable web application solutions. As a result, many companies have preferred Liferay development for building customized software with desired features.

Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is highly scalable and flexible to make elegantly interactive websites and robust enterprise portals. As a business-friendly framework, it has the potential to give a higher ROI at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). A vibrant community of more than 45000 active members and a robust support system make this platform even more useful.

Here are top business benefits of Liferay framework from the perspective of  Liferay development company.

1) Communication
Liferay development services assist companies to provide comprehensive and interactive digital experience. As a result, customers can readily stay in touch with the enterprises and resolve their queries with ease. What’s more, user-friendly features of Liferay platform also enable entrepreneurs to attract more people toward websites and apps.

Content customization feature and easy communication are two big business benefits of the Liferay platform. It is easy for the customers to get the necessary content on mobile devices so that they can go through the content on the move.

2) Easy Customization
Ease of use and many customization options are other noteworthy benefits of Liferay portal. It offers a complete range of customization options that fit for specific requirements of modern business. What’s more, you can readily address the ever-changing requirements in the future with easy customization and modification.

Also, it is easy to provide an intuitive and yet simple user interface in the enterprise software in Liferay development. You can hire Liferay developers to modify the software, and they can come up with the desired solution by repositioning of tools and elements of the Liferay portal.

3) Lowest TCO
As mentioned above, as an open-source platform Liferay is known for offering the lowest TCO. The commercial license of Liferay Portal Enterprise Subscription is business-friendly and cost-effective. Liferay platform is flexible and offers over 60 different tools and 20+ different themes with the license.

Companies can need most of the common requirements like administration, collaboration, and web publishing with the help of built-in features. Altogether, your company can get benefit from reduced TCO and higher scalability of Liferay.

4) Security
This is one of the biggest benefits of Liferay development for SMEs and large companies alike. Data-sensitive sectors like government agencies, BFSI, defense, and retail can remain the biggest beneficiaries of enhanced security. Liferay follows the OWASP and other standards to maintain the utmost security of the portal while safeguarding the enterprise software against any cyberattacks.

As mentioned in the Liferay portal security overview, it offers complete protection against

  • CSRF attacks
  • Open Redirects
  • Uploading dangerous files
  • Content Sniffing
  • Clickjacking
  • Local File Inclusion
  • Path Traversal

It is fair to mention that enterprise software solution built by Liferay is capable of preventing several common attacks.

5) Enterprise Solution
The Enterprise edition of Liferay provides extensive technical assistance to the companies. You can readily manage the web portal related activities with such robust support. Also, the enterprise app is developed without coding thanks to drag-and-deploy modules and features of Liferay, which makes the modification process swift and easy.

Portlets and add-ons also make the developer’s job easy. As a result, you can get a customized enterprise solution in a short time without spending more bucks.

6) High Flexibility
Liferay DXP has portlets that offer support for many available programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, .NET and the like. This is one of the reasons why enterprise software developed by Liferay is highly flexible and customizable. Liferay development company can build the application by integrating various resources available in the market as the platform is based on Java.

Also, Liferay can easily integrate with almost every popular ERP and CMS systems. It has the flexibility to integrate with old and new technologies. In brief, Liferay application developers can easily change settings and configuration to meet the client’s needs in the best possible way.

7) Better UI/UX Compatibility
UI and UX play a vital role in ensuring the success of web and mobile applications. Liferay offers better UI and UX compatibility. The platform is supportive of CSS, HTML5, and other prevalent design technologies. Such compatibility enables developers to come up with engaging and interactive software solutions.

8) Personalized Experience
Users can personalize web pages and portals with the help of Liferay framework. These personalized web pages can give more pleasant and rich experience to customers. The ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system can be managed and maintained with ease through Liferay DXP. You can add, edit, or remove the content as and when necessary as Liferay platform enables it. This feature makes Liferay one of the most preferred platforms for developing enterprise-grade web applications.

9) Unique APIs
Liferay possesses out-of-the-box workflow APIs, which are responsible for providing an excellent user experience. These APIs can save time and efforts of developers and users. They are also useful for avoiding development glitches. APIs are also customizable to modify and create workflows as per the user’s needs.

10) Excellent Modules
Modules are useful to integrate desired features and functionality. Liferay development services can utilize the excellent modularity of this platform to meet the diverse needs of business. For example, instead of developing a large application, it is possible to build small modules while ensuring the seamless performance of the application.

Over 60 modules enable the developers to manage installations and maintain the software with ease. All these modules are in drag-and-drop form and therefore, they are easy to deploy.

How about contacting a reliable and reputed Liferay development company to know more about more benefits of Liferay development?

Parting Shot
Liferay development services aim at delivering rich apps with engaging customer experience. It can help you improve the customer journey through the seamlessly-performing web app and software solutions. Many enterprises rely on Liferay DXP to improve customer experience and enhance brand engagement. Summing up, Liferay framework can bring digital transformation and drive the growth of your business.

Tridhya Tech is an emerging Liferay development company that provides the best-in-class services in the domains of Liferay DXP upgrade, portal development, Liferay consulting, and technical assistance.

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