Liferay Commerce for an enhanced B2B Commerce Experience 

In this blog, we begin with B2B eCommerce, its entire customer journey, and the importance of the B2B customer experience, eventually covering how the Liferay Commerce platform can boost the entire commerce experience. 

B2B eCommerce and its Customer Journey 

With B2B eCommerce, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers all perform browsing and ordering of products online. With digitalization across industries for a bit now, enterprises had begun inching towards it, but only pandemic could challenge them accelerate their digital transformation.  

I could not resist adding a joke on digital transformation here: who brought digital transformation to your organization? CEO, CTO, or Coronavirus just a bit of a jolly! 

As the wheel turns and B2B eCommerce experiences ever-increasing global growth, more enterprises have come to realize the perks of digital transformation. B2B eCommerce does not only drive stronger revenue but also increases efficiency and productivity. B2B commerce on DXP, Digital Experience Platform, adds the crucial benefit of personalized experience to it. 

Businesses operate in an ecosystem with suppliers, dealers, partners that are involved in the end-to-end customer journey. B2B customer journeys are comparatively long and complex. Being able to map and respond to each touchpoint of an entire customer journey is the only aim of organizations to be potentially rich with digitalization.  

It ideally comprises of a prospect happening to learn about your brand, browsing the products, deciding on to make the purchase that is, solution exploration and requirements building, going through the purchase points and process, to finally making the payment. This further leads to the post-purchase journey of retention and growth.  

Let us read along to learn about how leveraging data and analytics does DXP benefits B2B Commerce. 

Importance of B2B customer experience

Customer experiences are incredibly valuable, the ones reflecting B2C customer journey, also more complex one, B2B customer journey. 

B2B customer relationships are long-term, unlike B2C, hence offering world-class experiences to customers can help checkmate a lot of competition. 

According to research from Avionos, 87% of B2B buyers will pay more for a supplier with an excellent digital commerce portal. And, 90% of B2B buyers will turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their needs. 

Customer experiences all along the journey across every touchpoint are beyond crucial amid this digital business landscape and higher competition. Customer demands have never been greater, they interact with brands across multiple channels through various touchpoints. Consistency in customer experience becomes important here and with DXP we can offer omnichannel experiences. 

Liferay Commerce to boost an entire commerce experience

Liferay Commerce inherits the functionalities of Liferay DXP allowing businesses to leverage data and analytics to offer personalized experiences which is quite not possible with traditional eCommerce frameworks. Personalized experiences, as well as self-service experiences, are the prime ones today to grow and win the competition. 

Liferay continually evolves to offer optimized digital experiences and it puts B2B-first to offer seamless buying experiences.  

With Liferay Commerce businesses can -  

  • Track users to offer them personalized experience in return 
  • Empower users with Self-service 
  • Smooth integrations with legacy systems and other key business platforms 
  • Offer omnichannel experiences to customers to interact with the brand through multiple channels 
  • Respond to every touchpoint of an entire B2B customer journey with its capability of CMS + Portal + Commerce 

Innovative features of Liferay Commerce 

  • Catalog Management 
  • Product Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Pricing 
  • Customer Experience 
  • Checkout journey 

Tridhya Techis a digital transformation implementation company.  We have catered to multiple leading organizations across industries with our extensive experience in creating solutions with Liferay for more than a decade. We offer consultation to implementation to support services. 


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