How Alfresco Application Development Framework Benefit Enterprises

The Alfresco framework is known for its regular updates and frequent improvements to meet complex document management requirements of modern businesses. It has gained ground globally for providing robust document repositories, enterprise-grade search facility, and business process workflows. Recently, Alfresco has introduced Application Development Framework (ADF) with customizable readymade components to make feature-rich enterprise applications.

Alfresco ADF consists of two parts- UI and backend. Here, Angular powers front-end for developing user-friendly and engaging UI. Developers prefer ADF over Share UI because it promotes rapid application development. Focused user experience, responsive design, customizability, and excellent functionality are some of the key characteristics of ADF-powered applications. The framework is designed to enable Alfresco developers to include the desired functionality in the application.


Why should you prefer ADF over Share UI?

Experienced Alfresco developers may raise this question- why should we use Alfresco ADF over the shipping client Alfresco Share UI? We can mention two major reasons as an answer to this question.

  1. Share UI provides potentially bloated features. On the other hand, ADF enables you to deploy a custom, minimalistic client to meet the needs of a document management system.
  2. ADF is more customizable than Share UI. The Share UI may not fulfill your client’s business needs effectively due to limited functionality. As a result, you require heavy customization. There, Share UI remains short of capabilities.

Simply put, with ADF, developers can facilitate the management to provide enterprise users with modern experience. It can drive user adoption rapidly. What’s more, developers can rapidly deliver unique solutions for the enterprise content management system by assembling a combination of process, governance and content components.


Alfresco ADF is an open-source framework and based on popular web technologies including Angular, Material Design, JavaScript, and RESTful services. If an enterprise content management solution requires extensive customization in its user interface, which most do, then it is not advisable to use Share UI. There, you can count on ADF.

Key Features and Benefits of Alfresco ADF

  • It helps you build an outstanding user experience (UX) quickly on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform
  • It automatically provides responsive, localized & accessible UIs components
  • It is designed to enable the rapid development of custom user experiences
  • It enables developers to leverage Google Material Design components
  • It supports Activity 7.0- Activiti 7.0 is the newest version of the cloud-native, open-source BPM project. Alfresco Developers can leverage ADF 3.0 to rapidly build process-led, custom web applications using Activiti 7.0.
  • It supports Angular 7.0 - With the support for Angular 7.0, developers can gain immediate access to the performance improvements and several major enhancements along with new design features comprising Virtual Scrolling, Drag and Drop, and many others.

Major benefits of Alfresco ADF include- The content-based application can provide a streamlined experience for end-users on top of Alfresco Content Services, focused on file management within the Alfresco content repository. Developers get an easily extendable environment for developing custom applications rapidly while injecting custom controls, viewer components, pages, and plug-ins without upgrade concerns.

Business Benefits of Alfresco ADF

  1. Reduced TTV (Time to Value)- Alfresco ADF has over 150 reusable components and dev tools. It can accelerate the development process greatly and thereby reducing time-to-value.
  2. Drive Adoption- You can make your customers happy through advanced applications in the document management system.
  3. Connect People and Content- Alfresco ADF assembles the combination of process, governance and content components to let developers deliver unique solutions.
  4. High Flexibility- The framework offers high flexibility for developers and enterprises can get engaging solutions to drive adoption while addressing business needs.

Concluding Lines
When you want an engaging web application on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Alfresco ADF should be your choice. It offers a rich set of UI components based on Angular, command-line tooling and JavaScript APIs. Alfresco development has got an edge with the advent of Alfresco ADF. Developers can bring digital transformation by leveraging the benefits of ADF.

Tridhya Tech is a leading Alfresco development company. It has already accomplished 3 Projects in ADF. Tridhya Tech has also trained its certified Alfresco developers in Angular to make the most of the Application Development Framework (ADF).
If you have explored Alfresco Share and want to experience how ADF is exceeding the user’s expectations with extraordinary features and excellent capability, then send us an email at [email protected]


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