Edit Documents Online (ONLYOFFICE Integration)

Alfresco, the leading open source technology serving plenitude of large enterprises, helping them to manage their large chunk of documents in a structured and easily accessible system. Being an open source technology, Alfresco has vast possibilities of customization within it. Thinking from the end-users’ angle gives birth to the idea of new customization. We, at Tridhya Tech, are always eager to provide useful tools to bridge the requirement gaps. We have been providing such customizations to Alfresco fraternity across the globe since inception.

Current Document Editing Feature:
When it comes to editing text-based documents (MS Word files at large), Out-of-The-Box Alfresco ECM provides a facility to edit the document in two ways. Either go through ‘Edit Offline’ route to check-out the documents for offline editing on the local machine, or user the ‘Edit using Google Docs’ way.

What’s New with Online Editor?
We have come up with an alternative to this in which user doesn’t need to download the document or check-out to Google Docs. The module will enable users to edit the document online and after closing it, changes will be directly reflected the document as a new version! Sounds good?

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We need to select the option “Edit In ONLYOFFICE” given in Document Action box to edit it online as shown below. Document management system

Test Document.docx version 1.0 has the following content.

Document management system

After selecting the Edit in ONLYOFFICE, the user will be redirected to the ONLYOFFICE window where he can easily edit the documents.

Document management system

Above are the edits done in the document online. Once a user will save it and close the document, changes will be reflected the document. The user just needs to unlock the document and open it to check it, a new version will be uploaded with all the changes.

Document management system

As you can see Version of the document is changed to 1.1 and edits are also reflected in the document.


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