8 Very Simple SEO Strategies for Successful Ecommerce Business

Poor customer traffic and lack of sales conversions are the key issues that create dire straits for the majority of the eCommerce websites. How would any eCommerce owner be able to sell anything if customers can’t find him? Thus, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is imperative for an eCommerce store. There is no one size fits all solution for SEO, and the eCommerce store proprietor must meticulously assess their site to build a customized SEO Strategy and blueprint to enhance their online presence, search engine ranking and traffic to their online shop. If you need help for the tactical eCommerce plan, then you can always get advice from online marketing experts on how to prepare your online business for the non-holiday season as well as the holiday shopping season. 7 Search Engine Optimization Trends That Are Anticipated Read More 8 Easy SEO strategies for eCommerce websites to grow business
  • Do Not Totally Depend on PPC But Also Don’t Ignore It: While a lot of ecommerce websites resort to paying per click (PPC) strategy to create visibility for their online store, the gospel truth is that PPC costs keep hiking up and once you have stopped paying for placement, your online presence vanishes. Also, a few customers have an innate suspicion of sponsored banners, links, and other online ads. Ecommerce stores cannot just count on a PPC strategy and should also implement organic SEO practices to help their online visibility grow. According to a recent Google research when some websites stopped using AdWords, 89% of the paid clicks did not move over to organic, SEO clicks. So, do use pay per click but in addition to SEO.
  • SEO for Mobile Devices Alike SEO strategies for websites, there are SEO strategies for mobile sites too, and they are not certainly the same. For instance, the page load speed of a site is undoubtedly (by Google) part of what controls a site’s ranking. It is common for sites to load slower on mobile phones compared to the loading time on desktops. You must prioritize page load speed in both mobile as well as desktop realms to keep your SEO game up-to-date. However, it is recommended to prioritize your website’s advantages on mobile as “Mobile is indispensable for businesses in 2015 and on.”
  • Content Always Matter! Did you know that duplicate content is the enemy for search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google, etc.? However, as several ecommerce stores have a lot of duplicate content as a result of lists and product descriptions, ecommerce websites are likely to get penalized by search engines. Therefore, online store proprietors should assess their website and look for ways to decrease the amount of repetition and duplicate content that is on their website. Accurate usage of the rel="canonical" tag can benefit you in avoiding these glitches as well.
  • Go local As a big eCommerce company, you perhaps don’t usually espouse Local SEO best practices. That’s a lapse a lot of businesses has been doing. People revel in supporting local, and sometimes they would even do it when it’s economical, easier and quicker to purchase a product from a mega corporation. Make sure to sprinkle some LSEO into your websites, whether it’s focusing on some major boom town, where the company is located, or the native of the founders. Look into Facebook in the last few weeks and look how many posts are indicates buying locally from the self-employed or from your neighbor who merchandises online.
  • Have A Catchy Product Description Unique content is essential for product descriptions as well. In this case, you should possibly avoid using product descriptions from manufacturer websites as they are used again and again on other sites marketing the same products. Keep it unique and write up your descriptions that feature appropriate keywords to help make it precisely search-engine friendly.
  • Enhance your Product Images For finding products online, image search has become a very standard function that internet users increasingly use. Thus, ecommerce websites should be adding related keywords in the ALT tags of each image on their website. For best effect, add directly relevant keyword used for every image and avoid stuffing keywords in the ALT tags.
  • Say a Big NO to Black and Gray Hat Tricks You might not even recognize you are engaging in black hat tricks—perhaps there’s a weak, hidden link left over from a previous SEO “expert” in your site or there’s duplicate copy you don’t know. Hire an ethical SEO agency to comb through your site and discover any black hat tricks. As algorithms become more sophisticated with the passing time, the result from black hat tricks will get stricter, as they should because these hat tricks are wicked for creating the poor customer experience. Did you know that eBay got smacked with a Google penalty for suspected black hat tactics in the year 2014, and if that giant can suffer, so can you.
  • Avoid Broken Links: Just imagine your experience when you are surfing some website of interest. You come across something interesting and want to read more. You click the given link only to be received, “Page 404 Not Found.” How irking is that? You certainly wouldn’t want the visitors to your website experience the same problem. Therefore, it’s vital that you keep tabs on all the links on your site on a regular basis to stop sending them into oblivion. A couple of broken links are bad enough, but many are just ruinous for business. Tools such as Broken Link Checker plugin or Screaming Frog for WordPress are useful to check your website for broken links and to improve your site for both visitors and the search engines. Get Complete Internet Marketing Solutions with a Top-rated Company Join Hands now
To Conclude These eCommerce SEO strategies will support in keeping your products and website all set for the search engine rankings and will generate higher traffic volume and sales. If you want to get more information on how to optimize your eCommerce site, contact us here at Techno Infonet. We are here to help.


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