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Web Portal Development for Government Organization


Company Overview

The organization aims to maximize the potential of human capital

Our client is a government organization in the Cayman Islands namely the Labour and Immigration Department that is responsible for providing employment services and managing residency applications. The organization aims to maximize the potential of human capital, thereby strengthening the economy and enhancing the global competitiveness of the Cayman Islands.

They offer various employment services, such as job search assistance, job fairs, and training opportunities, to help jobseekers find suitable employment. Additionally, the organization ensures that residency applications are processed efficiently and provides work permits for non-Caymanians who wish to work in the Cayman Islands. Through its services, it aims to create an environment that is conducive to business growth, job creation, and economic prosperity for all residents of the Cayman Islands.

Business Challenges

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    Job search - to ease the job searching process

    • Job search - needed to implement custom filters in Elasticsearch to ease the job searching process for job seekers, which was a key challenge for the platform.
    • Complex data management - require a dedicated application to manage employer profiles, seeker profiles, jobs, and applications. This required careful consideration of data management and mapping of user roles and accounts to ensure the smooth functioning of the platform.
    • Migration from Joomla to Liferay - migrate its existing website from Joomla to Liferay portal, which required significant effort and resources to ensure a seamless transition to the new platform.
    • User adoption - needed to ensure that its portal users, which included Employment Services Officers, Assistants, Employers, and Jobseekers, were able to easily navigate and utilize the platform. This required user testing and training to ensure user adoption and satisfaction.


Business Solution


Business Solutions

  • Custom object solutions - provided custom object solutions with relationship layouts, actions, views, and site initializers for objects.
  • Integration with Liferay modules - integrated Imposter Mocks with Liferay modules for JUnit test cases.
  • Forms mapping - implemented forms mapping with custom objects without object relationships.
  • Service builder for custom entities such as Job Postings.


Key Outcomes

  • Improved accessibility: The new web portal made it easier for job seekers and employers to access employment services from anywhere and at any time, resulting in increased accessibility and convenience.
  • Enhanced user experience: The customized portal with easy-to-use features and a user-friendly interface led to an improved user experience for job seekers and employers, resulting in increased engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined job search: The implementation of custom filters in Elasticsearch made the job search process easier for job seekers, resulting in a more streamlined job search experience.
  • Increased efficiency: The new portal's dedicated application for managing employer and job seeker profiles, jobs, and applications streamlined the process of job matching, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved data management: The mapping of user roles and accounts to companies enabled better data management and access control, resulting in improved security and privacy of user data.

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The successful development of a custom web portal for a government organization addressed several critical business challenges. By enhancing accessibility, improving user experience, streamlining job search processes, increasing efficiency, and bolstering data management, the new portal has not only met the organization's objectives but has also significantly benefited job seekers, employers, and the entire community. The migration from Joomla to Liferay, along with the integration of custom object solutions, has paved the way for a more efficient and user-friendly platform that serves the needs of various stakeholders. This transformation underscores the importance of tailored digital solutions in enhancing public services and fostering user adoption and satisfaction.

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