Case Study

Revolutionized Reward Management With a Robust Automated Platform


Company Overview

Automating Reward Management for Efficient Distribution

The client for this project is a company that gathers rewards from multiple programs and companies and makes them accessible to users. In short, this company acts as a mediator between different reward programs, collecting reward points and distributing them to users who wish to earn them. After starting operations in 2019, our client managed the operations using manual records like spreadsheets. As the number of customers grew, the manual system became time-consuming and inefficient.

Tridhya Tech entered the scene at this juncture. We designed a modern and potent reward distribution web platform that automated the process, reduced manual work, and boosted accuracy. How did we accomplish all this? Let’s find out.


Business Challenges

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    Over-dependence on Physical Records

    The client relies heavily on Excel sheets to maintain customer details. Applying filters, using formulas, and performing other tasks on Excel can be time-consuming and excruciating. Moreover, employees can commit copy/paste and other errors, resulting in poor data quality.

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    Integration With Other Systems

    It was necessary to develop a rewards platform that integrated effectively with CRM, IMS, data analytics, E-commerce, and other systems. This integration was a must for personalized rewards and ensuring a seamless experience.

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    UI Design and User Adoption

    Creating a reward platform with an engaging UI while providing accurate and relevant information is crucial. At the same time, some customers may be hesitant to use the portal as they may need to be tech-savvy.


Business Solution


Bespoke Platform with Robust Integration

We create a bespoke platform by leveraging the AWS Postgres database. This innovative platform allowed our client to upload vast volumes of data while facilitating easy cleaning and validation within the database.


Effective Integration

We placed the rewards platform’s UI on a virtual cloud server (EC2 instance), allowing users to access it and perform actions online. Moreover, the platform’s API facilitates effective communication with other systems and software for optimal functionality.


Built for User Interaction

UI deployment on an EC2 instance makes the reward app ideal for user interaction. Now, users can check their reward points balance, redeem them, and refer the platform to friends and relatives.

Reward Management With a Robust Automated Platform

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Switching from a manual process to an online reward system was the number one priority for our client. Also, the client wanted a system that had the features of a modern reward platform while considering the unique needs of their existing user base. It took us three months to complete this project and the client loved the results.

The client admitted that data processing is much quicker than earlier. Furthermore, he also added that the rewards platform has reduced costs by 50% and cut down data analysis time greatly. Currently, the client uses Power BI to transform data into flowcharts, custom reports, graphs, charts, dashboards, and other interactive elements so that non-technical people can understand it.


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