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Efficient ECM and BPM Solution for Oil & Gas Industry


Company Overview

Optimizing Workflow Efficiency and Productivity with Tridhya’s Expertise

Modern content management for the digital age

Our client is a software company based in San Mateo, California, founded in 2005. They offer an advanced platform for managing business processes and digital content on-premises and in the cloud. The platform includes advanced search and analytics capabilities, as well as workflow automation tools, and is used by organizations in various industries. It’s highly scalable and customizable, and they also offer professional services like consulting, training, and support.

Business Challenges

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    Integration of tags and metadata for precise file management

    It was challenging for Tridhya to create a document management system based on the organization’s structure and business needs. This system would provide accurate file and folder management with the use of tags and metadata. This also required a flexible tagging system that would make categorization and searchability easy.

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    Customized approval workflows

    To implement a robust document management system, Tridhya requires a flexible workflow management system that permits customized approval, rejection, and commenting processes based on departmental needs and business processes.

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    Seamless collaboration across departments

    Tridhya was required to integrate inter-departmental data to ensure seamless collaboration. This requires a deep understanding of the organization's workflow and business processes, as well as the ability to design and implement a system that enables easy sharing of documents and information across different departments and teams.


Business Solution


Intelligent Document Numbering (IDN)

Tridhya provided a smart way to number documents, which was known as intelligent document numbering (IDN). With IDN, users were able to include relevant metadata in their documents, such as document type, department, serial number, plant, and date. This metadata was then stored within the document itself, making it effortless to locate the file.


Workflow Automation

Tridhya offered workflow automation, which was triggered based on the document metadata, and addressed seven different workflows through IDN. This ensured that the appropriate people were notified at each stage of the workflow, leading to seamless collaboration.


Alfresco Platform with Rest-API Integration

Tridhya utilized the Alfresco platform and Rest-API to integrate with other systems. The Hyperlink Replacement feature simplified the migration process, while the advanced search function facilitated collaboration between departments. The system enabled seamless workflows and processes.

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Tridhya successfully provided a robust enterprise content management solution that addressed the software company's challenges in the oil and gas industry. By integrating tags and metadata, implementing customized approval workflows, and enabling seamless collaboration, Tridhya's IDN system, and Alfresco platform with Rest-API integration proved instrumental. The use of advanced technology stacks such as Liferay also improved the solution's efficacy, resulting in efficient digital content and business process management. As a result, the company's workflow optimization and productivity significantly improved.

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