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Digitizing Government infrastructure Project Records


Company Overview

Tridhya's Customised Solution for Efficient Document Management and Workflow.

Reducing Manual Data Entry and Improving Access to Information

Our client uses Alfresco ECM and Chronoscan for document management and workflow. Alfresco ECM is for storing digital content and has version control, collaboration, and search features. Chronoscan captures and digitizes paper documents with OCR, barcode recognition, and data extraction. By integrating Alfresco ECM and Chronoscan, our clients can streamline their document management and workflow processes, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving the efficiency of their operations. They could capture, store, and manage documents and data in a more centralized and organized manner, improving access to information and reducing the risk of data loss.

Business Challenges

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    Data quality and consistency

    The raw data and metadata collected from projects can be inconsistent, incomplete, or full of errors. Hence, it can become difficult to create accurate project folders. It is essential for the Tridhya team to ensure that the data is consistent and of good quality before creating the project folders.

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    Scalability and Integration with Existing Systems

    The major challenge for Tridhya was to create a one-time project that is scalable enough to accommodate a large amount of data and metadata. We have to make sure that this project can handle large amounts of data. So, there was a big requirement of sufficient resources, expertise, and time. Also, integrating it with existing systems could cause considerable difficulties.

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    Challenges in Customizing Project Folder Creation for Unique Needs

    Customizing project folders was necessary to meet the needs of various projects and departments. However, this level of personalization turned out to be challenging and time-consuming, needing a lot of resources and expertise. There were a few technical challenges when creating project folders from raw data and metadata. These challenges must be handled with meticulous planning, execution, and monitoring to obtain desirable outcomes.


Business Solution


Efficient Project Management Solution with Customized Metadata Fields & Content Model

Tridhya team designed a customized web page that can assist the client in creating a new project. This consisted of a form with five metadata fields, such as project name, project number, location, and others. After creating a new project, the platform automatically generated folders and sub-folders for it. A custom content model was implemented with metadata to classify project documents by type. Some metadata was inherited from other documents, making the process more efficient.


Automated Document Management System

The Tridhya team has established business rules for transferring documents from the project folder to sub-folders based on their metadata. Users have the ability to add values to the master list using the Project Master functionality. Additionally, the platform is linked with Chronoscan, a scanning and indexing tool, to extract metadata from scanned documents.


Custom Search Function and Roles for Project Folders

A custom search function based on folder document metadata was included in the platform, along with an auto-creation script for existing project folders. Custom roles and permissions were implemented for project creation and folder access. A business report was also created to display scanned page information by date and document size.

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Tridhya successfully created a digital platform designed to manage and store digital content for organizations. The platform included various features like document collaboration, version control, workflow management, and search functionality. Additionally, it had document capture and data extraction software, which made data processing easier for clients. As a result, they could significantly reduce manual data entry and improve operational efficiency. The platform helped centralize document management and provided better access to information while reducing the risk of data loss.

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