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Developing the Ultimate Foodie Discount App: Blackboard Eats

Company Overview

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Your go-to app for dining discounts and promotions! 

Blackboard Eats is an online food ordering service that provides users with deals and discounts at various restaurants, intending to offer a unique dining experience while helping them save money. The company wanted to make the app more interactive, allowing users to locate nearby food & beverage outlets and read reviews about them. They also need to showcase the deals available by the nearest restaurants and include a tip calculator feature in the app. To achieve these goals, they approached us to create a mobile app that would allow customers to easily access deals, promotions, and discounts on food and beverages, while also helping them to find nearby restaurants and bars.


Business Challenges

Developing a coupon tracking system 

The client requisite a coupon tracking system that could keep track of coupons that were provided and redeemed.  We faced the challenge of developing a system that would accurately track the coupons in real-time. 

Designing a user-friendly interface 

The app should be user-friendly and engaging, with features like a tip calculator, social media sharing facility, and the nearest offers available. We encountered challenges in developing a user-friendly design that seamlessly accommodated a wide range of features while maintaining optimal app performance.

Implementing a location-based search for F&B outlets 

We were confronted with the challenge of implementing location-based features that could accurately capture (fetch) the user's location, search for nearby food and beverage outlets, and display reviews about them.

Business Solution

Developed a Robust Coupon Tracking System to Monitor Usage and Effectiveness 

We developed a coupon tracking system that integrated with the app's database. The system allowed users to scan the coupon code and automatically update the database. The solution also enabled clients to track coupon usage and analyze the effectiveness of their promotional campaign. 

Designed User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Access to Features 

We created an interface that allowed users to effortlessly access all of the app's features, such as the tip calculator, sharing functionality, and nearby offers. The app was simply designed to allow users to easily explore and discover what they needed. The app's performance was optimized so it could handle a large number of users without slowing down.

Implemented Location-Based Features for Effortless Outlet Search 

Our team implemented location-based features using GPS technology, which allowed users to search for nearby food and beverage outlets and view their locations on a map. The app was also integrated with review platforms, enabling users to read reviews and ratings about each outlet, making it effortless for them to find the best available deals.


We successfully developed an iOS mobile app for our client that allowed customers to easily access deals, promotions, and discounts on food and beverages, while also helping them find nearby restaurants and bars. By developing a robust coupon tracking system, designing a user-friendly interface, and implementing location-based features, We delivered a solution that provides a unique and engaging dining experience. Through mutual collaboration, we enhance customer experience, increase user engagement, and expand the customer base.

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