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Our client wanted to develop an app that helps trainees prepare for the NOCN C Skills Awards’ construction theory examination. This app was for both Android and iOS platforms. The app should allow users to select specific units, practice in small portions or complete a full qualification test, receive feedback on areas that require further study, and include a timed test feature. Additionally, the app should have a glossary of commonly used terms and a free calculator tool for on-site measurements. They hired Tridhya Tech to develop this user-friendly and functional NOCN C Skills Awards Practice Test App.

Business Challenges

Customizable Learning Experience for Users

Talking about challenges, the task for Tridhya was to develop an app that offered a customizable learning experience for the users. As each user has a different level of understanding and knowledge, the app needed to be flexible. The users must have the flexibility to choose the units they want to practice and the mode of the test they prefer.

Developing an Interactive and User-Friendly Application

It was necessary for Tridhya Tech to create a user-friendly, interactive application that would be simple to use for individuals with different levels of technical expertise. For this, it was important to ensure that the app design had an intuitive user interface, easy navigation, and user-friendly features.

Integrating Accurate Measurement Tool

Tridhya faced the challenge of integrating a measurement tool into the app that would enable users to work out dimensions commonly used on construction sites. Since meeting user needs was necessary for the success of the app, the tool had to be accurate and easy to use.

Business Solution

Personalized Learning with Customizable Units and Testing Options

Tridhya provided users with the option to select the units they wanted to practice and choose between a bite-sized chunk or a full qualification test. This enabled users to customize their learning experience based on their level of understanding.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Navigation and Learning

Tridhya’s team developed a simple yet effective user interface that allowed users to navigate the app and access the relevant content. The design of the app had an intuitive layout, easy-to-use features, and clear instructions. As a result, trainees found it simple to use and practice for their construction theory exams.

Implemented Free Construction Calculator Tool

Tridhya’s team integrated a free calculator tool that worked out the measurements commonly used on construction sites. This tool saved users’ time and helped them complete calculations with more accuracy, resulting in an improved user experience.


Tridhya Tech successfully delivered a user-friendly and functional NOCN C Skills Awards Practice Test App that addressed the client’s requirements and challenges. By providing customizable learning options, an intuitive interface, and a free construction calculator tool, Tridhya ensured that the app met all the needs and technical proficiency of its users. The app provides an efficient and effective way for trainees to prepare for their construction theory examinations and reinforces Tridhya Tech’s expertise in mobile app development.

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