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Tridhya Tech's Solution for Integrating Multiple Modes of Transport into an Android App

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Our client wanted to develop an Android mobile app that would provide users with an all-in-one solution for commuting. The app was supposed to combine all possible modes of transport to give users the best options, including subway/metro, bus, train, Uber, rail, ferry, bike share, and personal bike with cycle lanes. Providing real-time directions, departure timings, and reporting disruptions were just a few of the features they want to include in the app. They hired Tridhya Tech to help with the platform’s development with the goal of producing a user-friendly, functional app that fulfilled client requirements and improved public transportation.


Business Challenges

Integrating Multiple Modes of Transport

One of the challenges that Tridhya faced while developing the app was integrating all possible modes of transport. The app needed to combine subway/metro, bus, train, Uber, rail, ferry, bike share, and personal bike with cycle lanes to give users the best options.

User Experience and Design

Another challenge faced by Tridhya was designing an interface that was informative and user-friendly, while also accommodating multiple modes of transportation. This required the creation of an interface that was not only easy to navigate but also presented all necessary information in a concise and intuitive manner.

Integration of GPS Location and Messaging

The app should allow users to send GPS coordinates and map locations to anyone through SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, or email. However, integrating these features into the app was challenging. Tridhya needed to ensure that the app was compatible with multiple messaging platforms and the GPS location feature worked seamlessly.

Business Solution

Strategic Planning and Seamless API Integration

To integrate all possible modes of transport, Tridhya deliberately planned and designed the app’s user interface. They also leveraged APIs from different transportation services to ensure that users could access real-time data and step-by-step directions. Tridhya successfully created an app that combined all available transit options to get the best route by connecting these APIs.

Minimalist Approach to Interface Design for Optimal User Interaction

Tridhya designed a user-friendly interface with all the information required while yet being simple and intuitive. Our team took a simple design approach, emphasizing the most important information and making it easily accessible to consumers.

Enhanced Location-Based Services with Messaging Integration

Tridhya utilized the latest location-based services and messaging APIs and created a user-friendly interface that accurately tracked the user's location and allowed them to share it through various messaging platforms


Tridhya Tech successfully developed an Android app that integrates all available transportation modes, providing a comprehensive solution for public transportation. The app facilitates smooth city navigation by offering real-time directions, departure times, and updates on disruptions. Users can share their GPS location via various messaging platforms, enhancing their overall commuting experience. This app not only makes public transportation more accessible but also improves the overall commuting experience for users.

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