Case Study

Developing a Trivia Gaming App


Company Overview

Tridhya Tech's Solution for a Multi-Category Quiz Game

A game that challenges you and enhances your knowledge!

Our client is a game development company that approached Tridhya Tech to create a mobile game for Apple and Android devices. The game's goal was for players to obtain all six characters on the wheel, with each character representing a question category such as Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography, and History. The client wanted the game to feature thousands of exciting questions and the ability for users to generate their own questions using the Factory feature. Additionally, they wanted the game to include a chat function to allow players to communicate with their opponents and a collectable card collection feature.

Business Challenges

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    Providing Real-time Communication between Players

    Tridhya Tech’s team faced the difficulty of delivering real-time communication among players during the game. Our team had to create a system that would allow players to communicate with one another while keeping the game secure and free from abuse.

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    Integrating Six Different Categories of Questions

    It was difficult to incorporate six different categories of questions within the game. Tridhya Tech’s team had to make sure that each question was relevant to the category and tough for players of all levels.

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    Encouraging User-generated Content

    Another challenge that Tridhya faced was permitting players to add their own questions within the game. The team needed to make sure that the questions submitted by users matched the game's specifications and were neither improper nor abusive.


Business Solution


Secure In-game Chat System

Tridhya Tech created a safe in-game chat system that allowed players to have conversations with each other while maintaining game security and prohibiting inappropriate behavior. This feature enabled players to communicate with one another and enhance their gaming experience.


Curated Question Algorithm

According to the level of difficulty and category of each game, Tridhya Tech created a unique algorithm that specifies questions for each game. This ensured that each question was appropriate to its category and that players had a fair and enjoyable experience.


Moderation and Quality Control

The team at Tridhya Tech designed a moderation and quality control system that assessed user-generated questions before they were submitted to the game. In addition, our team implemented a reporting mechanism that enabled users to flag inappropriate questions. Moderators from the client's end could then review the reported questions and ensure that they meet the quality standards of the game.

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Tridhya Tech successfully created a challenging and intriguing mobile game app that suited the needs of the client. The game features real-time communication, user-generated content, and a custom algorithm for selecting questions based on the difficulty level and category of the game. Tridhya’s team developed a secure in-game chat system as well as a moderation and quality control system. Due to that, they overcame the challenges of integrating six categories of questions and encouraging user-generated content. The finished game offered players a pleasant and interactive experience while highlighting Tridhya Tech’s expertise in mobile app development.

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