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Our client is a well-known news organization that approached Tridhya Tech to develop a News mobile app that would provide the latest and most important news stories from around the world. The client's primary goal was to offer a customizable news platform that allowed users to follow specific news topics and favorite anchors easily. The client also wanted to provide a feature that allowed users to receive customizable notifications when new content was available, keeping them updated on the latest news. Additionally, the client wanted the app to have social media integration, enabling users to share news stories quickly and effortlessly.

Business Challenges

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    Integrating Social Media Sharing Functionality

    It was difficult to design a sharing function that would be simple to use and seamless, enabling readers of various ages and technological skills to share articles with their friends and family without any trouble. Despite this obstacle, Tridhya remained committed to developing an intuitive and accessible sharing function that would enhance the overall user experience.

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    Enabling Customizable Notifications

    Tridhya Tech encountered a challenge in putting together a customizable notifications feature as it necessitated the app to continually monitor the news sources and notify users when new content became available. This feature was crucial for keeping users engaged and updated with the latest news.

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    Developing an Algorithm for Personalized News

    It was challenging to develop an algorithm that would deliver personalized content to each user based on their interests and reading behavior. The algorithm had to take into account the user's preferred news categories, frequently read authors, and reading patterns to deliver the most relevant news stories.


Business Solution


Provided Seamless Sharing Experience

To enhance the sharing experience, the Tridhya team incorporated automatic link previews, along with image and text-sharing capabilities. This seamless feature allows users to easily share news stories with minimal effort, resulting in increased user engagement within the app.


Integrated Personalized Notification Settings

Tridhya Tech created personalized notification settings that allowed users to select their preferred news topics and also ensured real-time notification delivery by integrating Firebase Cloud Messaging, which enabled push notifications to be delivered instantly to users' devices.


Developed Personalized News Algorithm

Tridhya’s team developed an algorithm for providing a personalised user experience on the app. Users selected news categories and authors, and their reading behaviour was analyzed to refine content delivery. A feedback system also improved the algorithm over time, resulting in a successful delivery of engaging and relevant news experiences.

Top-Notch News Mobile App Development

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed an intuitive and easy-to-use news mobile app. The app featured a customizable news platform with personalized notification settings, seamless social media integration, and a personalized news algorithm that refined content delivery based on user interests and reading behavior. The Tridhya team overcame challenges to deliver a top-notch app that enhanced user engagement and provided a superior news experience. Overall, Tridhya Tech's expertise in mobile app development proved to be a valuable asset to the media and communication industry.

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