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Triumphing Multi-Feature, Compatibility, and Diversity Challenges with Tridhya Tech's Expertise.

All The Dual-wheel Community in One App Product Store

Xmoto mobile app provides a comprehensive online shopping platform for vehicle owners. The app, which is available in Hebrew on both Android and iOS, provides a wide range of automotive products and services. Its user-friendly interface and interactive features make it simple to browse and buy new or used items. Furthermore, it will also serve as a source of information for biker-related events, services, and news. Shtibel worked with Tridhya Tech to develop the app in order to create this seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Business Challenges

Multi-Feature Integration

Integrating multiple features and functions within a single app was a complex job for Tridhya Tech. Bringing features such as product search, event listings, service, news updates, and supplier management, into a single app required careful planning and execution.

Ensuring Cross-Device Compatibility

Keeping up with updates and changes, as well as ensuring that the app works seamlessly on different operating systems like Android and iOS with the latest version compatibility, was a significant challenge for Tridhya Tech.

Managing Product Diversity

Integrating multiple products and suppliers into an app necessitates careful planning on the part of Tridhya Tech to ensure a user-friendly experience for both suppliers and customers. This involves developing effective product management tools, such as various section and filtering features, inventory management systems, and call services.

Business Solution

Modular Architecture for Seamless Integration of Multiple Features

Tridhya Tech used a modular architecture to solve the problem of incorporating multiple features into an app. Each feature was handled as a separate module, allowing the team to build and test them independently. This ensured that they would work together when assembled into the app. They also developed an easy-to-use navigation system to make it easier for users to access features.

Cross-Device Compatibility in App Development

The team had to use a hybrid development approach to ensure cross-device compatibility, allowing the app to work on both Android and iOS devices. They also stayed up to date on updates and changes in the most recent operating system versions to ensure compatibility.

Effective Product Management for Diverse Product Ranges

Tridhya Tech created efficient product management tools, such as various sections and filtering options, inventory management systems, and call services. This contributed to a more user-friendly experience for both suppliers and customers.



The app allows the admin to add multiple products, which users can view in various sections such as the latest products, trending products, and most purchased products.


It displays the most recent news added by the administrator in various categories. Users can read the news and view its details.


This application allows users to view the most recent events in their city, as well as details such as dates and fees.

Second-Hand Product

This feature allows users to sell their used products, which other users can view and purchase within the app.


Users can access a list of automobile service providers in their city and contact them for assistance in the case of an emergency.

Supplier Login

Suppliers can access their store details using a unique login provided by the app.

Manage Store and Product for Supplier

Suppliers can use the app to manage their store information and the products they offer to users, including pricing and stock details.

Order Management

The app allows suppliers to view and manage orders received.


Developing such complex software was difficult due to the integration of many features and functions, cross-device compatibility, and product diversity. However, Tridhya Tech’s modular architecture approach, hybrid development, and efficient product management tools effectively addressed these challenges, resulting in a user-friendly app with seamless navigation and easy access to various features. The development of Shtibel’s Xmoto mobile app is an excellent example of how expertise and experience can be used to create a complex mobile application that provides users with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Applied Technologies

  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • Xcode

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