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Developing a Project Management System


Company Overview

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Our client approached Tridhya Tech to develop a user-friendly Project Management System. The aim was to provide the senior management with complete project visibility and a holistic view across multiple projects. The system would allow managers to compare the current project status with estimated costs, empowering them to make informed decisions and take the necessary actions to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Business Challenges

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    Integrating Time Tracking and Invoicing Functionality

    Tridhya Tech faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating time tracking and invoicing functionality within the Project Management System. The system needed to accurately capture time spent on different tasks and projects, generate invoices based on the tracked time, and ensure that the invoicing process was efficient and error-free.

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    Creating a Comprehensive Project Status Dashboard

    It was challenging for Tridhya Tech to design a comprehensive project status dashboard that would provide senior management with a comprehensive view of each project and allow for an easy comparison of project status with estimated costs. The dashboard needed to display real-time data and key performance indicators, enabling managers to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to ensure project success.

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    Implementing a Scalable and Secure Architecture

    Another challenge faced by Tridhya Tech was implementing a scalable and secure architecture for the Project Management System. The system needed to handle multiple projects, users, and data while ensuring data security and integrity.


Business Solution


Streamlined Time Tracking and Invoicing

Tridhya Tech developed a robust time-tracking module that enabled users to record and monitor their time spent on various project activities easily. The system automatically calculated billable hours based on predefined rates, ensuring accurate and consistent invoicing. Additionally, Tridhya implemented an invoicing module that generated professional invoices, incorporating all the necessary project details and billing information.


Provided Comprehensive Project Visibility and Monitoring

Our team designed a centralized dashboard that provided senior management and project managers with a complete view of each project's status as well as an overview across multiple projects. The dashboard also provided real-time updates on project progress, financials, resource allocation, and other critical metrics. By incorporating visualizations, such as charts and graphs, Tridhya Tech ensured that managers could quickly assess project performance and identify areas requiring attention.


Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Tridhya Tech built the system using industry best practices and adhered to robust security protocols. Our team built role-based access controls to ensure that critical project and financial data were only accessible to authorized people. Additionally, data encryption and regular security audits were performed to protect against potential vulnerabilities and breaches.

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed a robust and user-friendly Project Management System for the client. By integrating time tracking and invoicing functionality, the Tridhya Tech team streamlined the process and ensured accurate billing and efficient invoicing. The implementation of a comprehensive project status dashboard provided senior management with a holistic view of project progress and empowered them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, they also implemented robust measures to protect the project and final data, as security was the priority. Through our expertise in SharePoint and PHP, we delivered a solution that met clients’ needs and enhanced their project management capabilities.

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