Developing a fashion swapping app for Swap Shop Ltd

Company Overview

Reducing Clothing Waste and Promoting Environmentally Friendly Fashion Practices with Tridhya Tech's Expertise.

The Social Fashion Swapping App

Swapped is a sustainable fashion-swapping app that allows users to exchange unwanted clothing. Its mission is to reduce clothing waste and promote environmentally friendly fashion practices. Users can post items, browse options, and trade with one another, saving money and avoiding the need to buy new clothes for each event. Swapped also fosters a social network of people who share a passion for sustainable fashion. They hired Tridhya Tech to assist in the development of the platform, which aims to become a popular option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and take part in an eco-friendly economy.

Business Challenges

Developing a User-Friendly Interface

Tridhya Tech needed to design a user interface that made the app simple to use and navigate. The mission was to develop an interface that would allow users to quickly and easily change their clothes, adjust their subscriptions, or cancel their chosen plan with just a few clicks.

Creating a Subscription Manager as per user requirements

The Subscription Manager was a key feature of the Swapped app that allows users to manage their subscriptions based on their needs. The challenge for Tridhya Tech was to create a system that would allow users to change the frequency of their payments, change their payment method, or cancel their subscriptions entirely.

Implementing a Swap Count Mechanism

The Swapped app's swap count mechanism is a critical feature that allows users to acquire swap counts by subscribing to personalised plans that cater to their specific needs. Tridhya Tech was tasked with creating a system that would provide users with easy access to a diverse range of products and services.

Business Solution

Designing an Intuitive User Interface

To create a user-friendly interface, the Tridhya team designed an intuitive user interface that allows for effortless navigation and comprehension. They ensured that users could quickly and easily swap their clothes, adjust their subscriptions, or cancel their chosen plan with just a few clicks.

Utilizing Google Play Billing Library and APIs for Secure Subscription Management

Users can easily manage subscriptions with Swapped's subscription manager feature, which is integrated via Google Play Billing Library and APIs. It enables changes to payment frequency, method, and cancellation. The feature also provides usage history and swap count information, allowing for more informed decisions. The integration method protects users' billing information while preserving the user experience.

Creating Personalized Plans for Easy Swap Count Mechanism

Tridhya created personalized plans to help users obtain swap counts. The team also developed a subscription-based model to allow users to select the best plan for their needs. Users can track their usage and swap count details with the subscription manager feature.


Product stack

Swapped app provides an extensive range of products for users to view and swipe through based on their likes and dislikes. Users can also access their saved list of liked products for easy reference.

Explored List

The app offers a personalized product discovery experience by suggesting products that match users' sizes and preferences. Additionally, users can search for products based on specific brands and sizes.

User connection

Swapped app facilitates connections between users who have shown mutual interest in a particular product through the swipe-based feature. Users can then initiate a chat to discuss the product further and even exchange media files such as photos and videos.

Swap count & Subscription

Swapping products with users depend on their "swap count". Users can buy swap counts by choosing a subscription plan that suits their needs. They can change or cancel their plan, and keep track of their usage history and swap count.


Tridhya Tech developed the Swapped app successfully by overcoming challenges related to the user interface, subscriptions, payment transactions, and data security. The app includes a subscription manager that allows users to manage plans and track usage history, as well as a swap count. The app also connects users based on their likes and dislikes, and it has grown in popularity among those interested in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Overall, Tridhya Tech’s successful development of the Swapped app has brought a valuable solution to the market. It has provided users with a convenient and innovative way to manage their subscriptions and make environment-friendly choices.

Applied Technologies

  • Amazon AWS
  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Xcode

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