Case Study

Developing a Creative and Educational Mobile App for Kids


Company Overview

A Case Study of Tridhya Tech's Android Colouring Book App

Unlock Your Child’s Artistic Potential with Our Kid-friendly Coloring App!

Our client wanted to create an engaging colouring book app that helped kids to develop essential skills such as concentration, motor skills, and creative thinking. The application aimed to provide a safe and pleasant experience for children, free of any third-party advertising. They hired Tridhya Tech to assist with the development of the app. The plan was to develop a kid-friendly app equipped with features like multi-touch support and locked in-app purchases.

Business Challenges

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    Ensuring Appropriate Content for Kids

    The primary challenge while creating a mobile app for children was ensuring that the content was age appropriate and suitable for their developmental stage. To encourage creativity and learning without exposing kids to harmful content, the app had to provide a safe and engaging environment.

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    Maintaining Engagement and Interest

    Another challenge was to maintain kids' engagement and interest over time. Kids had a short attention span and can quickly lose interest in an app that didn't provide enough variety or stimulation.

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    Ensuring Appropriate Monetization

    Ensuring appropriate monetization was also a challenge for Tridhya Tech while developing the app for kids. It was important to avoid exposing them to unwanted advertising or in-app purchases.


Business Solution


Implement Strong Content Moderation and Filters

Tridhya Tech's team addressed this challenge by implementing strong content moderation and filters in the app to ensure that all colouring pages and patterns were appropriate for children. This included manual review by human moderators as well as automated filters that detected and removed any inappropriate content.


Increased Engagement & Interest with Diversity and

Tridhya Tech included new colouring pages & patterns, 16 different themes, and special events or challenges. The app also provided interactive features, such as the ability to save, share, and print colouring pages, as well as multi-touch support for colouring together with friends or siblings.


Implement Safe and Transparent Monetization Method

Tridhya Tech implemented safe and transparent monetization methods that did not compromise children’s safety or privacy. There was no third-party advertising, as well as in-app sharing, and purchases were restricted to keep kids from accessing them.

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed an engaging and educational colouring book app for kids that enhanced creativity, concentration, and motor skills. The app was child-friendly, with strict content controls and interactive features for a safe and enjoyable experience. Tridhya Tech’s dedication to educational technology solutions and expertise in mobile app development has contributed a lot. Their innovative tools and commitment to improving education have set a new standard in the industry.

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