Creating a Grooming App: Mint On Demand

Company Overview

Streamlining Appointments and Enhancing User Experience with Tridhya Tech’s Expertise

Book, Modify, and Manage your grooming appointments effortlessly!

Tridhya Tech was approached by our client who wanted to create a mobile app for booking appointments. The app would cover a variety of treatments, including haircuts, facials, massages, nail services, shaving, waxing, and threading. The primary goal was to develop a user-friendly platform that could be accessed anytime, anywhere, providing convenience and flexibility to customers. The app needed to include features such as in-app links to email and call MINT PRO service providers directly. Additionally, the client also wanted more features like book appointments on behalf of friends, colleagues, or family, set reminders on the calendar, and rate the professionals after the treatment.

Business Challenges

Seamless Appointment Management and Modifications

Tridhya Tech encountered the challenge of allowing users to change or cancel their appointments quickly and efficiently. It was crucial to provide a user-friendly interface that enabled seamless appointment management.

Real-Time Communication and Feedback

One of the challenges faced by Tridhya Tech was enabling seamless real-time communication between users and MINT PRO service providers, as well as collecting feedback after treatments. This posed difficulties in terms of data synchronization and providing a streamlined user experience.

Address Management and User Authorization

Tridhya Tech encountered difficulties in managing addresses and authorizing users when implementing the feature that allows users to save and set multiple addresses. Additionally, they faced challenges in enabling users to book appointments on behalf of others.

Business Solution

Streamlined Appointment Modification Process

Tridhya Tech’s development team implemented a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls that enabled users to change or cancel their appointments with just a few taps. By providing a clear and straightforward process for modifying bookings, the app ensured a smooth user experience.

Implemented Rating and Feedback System to Improve Service Experience

Tridhya Tech integrated in-app links to email and call MINT PRO service providers directly, allowing customers to easily interact with service providers. Our team also implemented a rating and feedback system, which allows customers to submit feedback and rate their experience with MINT PRO service providers after each treatment. This enhanced effective interaction and provided valuable insights for service improvement.

Enhanced Address Management and User Authorization

Tridhya Tech developed a robust address management system that allowed users to easily set and save their preferred addresses. The app included user authorization features to ensure secure access when booking appointments on behalf of others. This involved implementing authentication mechanisms and permission settings to verify the user's authority to make bookings for others. This feature provided convenience for users who wanted to gift grooming appointments to their loved ones or schedule appointments on their behalf.


Tridhya Tech successfully developed a user-friendly MINT ON DEMAND Grooming mobile app for our client in the lifestyle industry, allowing users to conveniently book grooming treatments. The app streamlines appointment modifications, facilitates real-time communication and feedback, and enhances address management and user authorization. Through their expertise and dedication, Tridhya Tech delivered a high-quality solution that enhances the grooming experience for customers.

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