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Building a Wholesale Shopping App: Kikuubo Online


Company Overview

Enhancing Wholesale Ordering Experience with Tridhya Tech's Custom App Development

Wholesale Shopping at Your Fingertips!

Our client, Kikuubo Online, approached Tridhya Tech to develop a custom wholesale ordering mobile application for iOS devices. The client’s purpose was to offer a seamless and efficient platform for Duukas, Mini Markets, and Organizations to buy high-quality products. The app needed to integrate an easy login process, order tracking feature, and notifications to keep customers informed about their orders. Additionally, the client wanted to streamline the wholesale ordering process. For that, they needed to prioritize user-friendly navigation, emphasize easy user interaction, simplify customization options, and make fast delivery services.

Business Challenges

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    Streamlining Complex Wholesale Ordering Process

    It was challenging for Tridhya Tech to simplify the complex wholesale ordering process into a user-friendly app. Wholesale orders often involve a wide range of products, quantities, and customization options. Due to that, it becomes crucial to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users.

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    Ensuring Real-Time Order Tracking and Notification

    Tridhya Tech faced the challenge of integrating real-time order tracking and notifications to keep users informed about the status of their wholesale orders. Providing timely updates and notifications was crucial to ensuring a transparent and satisfactory user experience.

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    Implementing Robust Customization Options

    Implementing a robust customization feature that would allow users to personalize their wholesale orders according to their specific needs posed a challenge for Tridhya Tech. This required providing a wide range of customization options while maintaining a user-friendly interface.


Business Solution


Streamlined Ordering Process for Easy Wholesale Purchases

Tridhya Tech implemented a step-by-step ordering process in three easy-to-follow steps: Login, Customize Order, and Place Order. By presenting a clear and structured workflow, users could navigate the app effortlessly and complete their wholesale orders efficiently.


Provided Accurate Order Updates

Tridhya Tech utilized advanced tracking technologies and integrated them into the app's backend system. This enabled users to track their wholesale orders in real-time, providing accurate and up-to-date information on the progress and estimated delivery time. Furthermore, Tridhya Tech executed push notifications to notify users about important order-related updates, including confirmations, dispatch, and delivery status. This ensured that users always remained informed and could plan accordingly.


Enhanced User Control and Personalization Options

Our team created a flexible and comprehensive customization feature within the app. Users were presented with various options to modify their orders, such as selecting specific quantities, choosing from a diverse range of wholesale items, and applying new coupons or discounts. Our team ensured that these customization options were seamlessly integrated into the app's interface, making it easy for users to navigate and personalize their orders.

Wholesale Shopping at Kikuubo Online

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed the Kikuubo Online app, which offered a user-friendly and efficient wholesale shopping experience. The app streamlined the ordering process, implemented real-time tracking and notifications, provided robust customization options and empowered users to navigate, track, and personalize their wholesale orders with ease. Tridhya Tech's expertise and dedication delivered a user-friendly platform that simplified the wholesale ordering process, providing customers with the convenience and efficiency they needed at their fingertips.

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