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Tridhya Tech's App Development for Streamlined Messaging and Communication

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Our client sought to develop a desktop and mobile application, allowing users to link iPhones to computers. This enables hassle-free sharing of SMS texts via popular apps, file sharing and URL forwarding, viewing notifications, and direct texting from computers instead of relying on phones. Tridhya Tech was tasked with creating a mobile app that allows users to remain in touch with their contacts and respond to messages from various messaging applications without having to switch devices.

Business Challenges

Integrating Multiple Messaging Apps

The client wanted a desktop app that allows users to reply to messages from different messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger. Tridhya Tech’s team faced a challenge in integrating several messaging apps due to unique API and integration requirements for each app.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

It was difficult to ensure the security and privacy of users' messages and data. With the increasing number of cyber threats and data breaches, Tridhya Tech's development team had to ensure that the app was secure and that users' messages and data were protected.

Managing notifications

Integrating mobile phone notifications with the desktop app was another challenge that Tridhya Tech faced. The app needed to ensure that users could see all of the mobile phone notifications on their computer and dismiss them when necessary.

Business Solution

Created Robust Messaging Integration System

Tridhya Tech’s team created a robust messaging integration system that allowed the desktop app to communicate with each messaging app’s API. The team created a cohesive interface that allowed individuals to exchange messages across various messaging applications using a single platform.

Encryption Techniques for Secure Messaging

Our team implemented various security measures to ensure that users’ data and information were protected and secure. Our team used encryption techniques to safeguard users’ messages and ensured that the app complied with all relevant privacy and security regulations. To ensure user information remained secure, we conducted frequent susceptibility tests on the app and implemented security updates when necessary. This ensured that the app was always up-to-date with the latest security measures in place.

Seamless Notification Integration for Multi-Device Productivity

Tridhya Tech's development team designed a notification management system that allowed users to see all their iPhone notifications on their computers. The team integrated a notification API that could interact with the mobile phone's notification system, allowing users to receive notifications on their computer in real-time. The system also allowed users to dismiss notifications on their computers, ensuring that they don't miss any important messages or alerts.


Tridhya Tech successfully developed a mobile and desktop app that allowed users to send and receive SMS messages from their computers, respond to messages from different messaging applications, and transfer links and files between their devices. The team also implemented various security features such as end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure data storage to ensure the app's security and privacy. Additionally, the team developed a notification management system that allowed users to see and dismiss their phone notifications on their computers. Overall, Tridhya's app development services helped the client provide a comprehensive mobile and desktop app solution that met the client's needs and expectations.

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