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A Recruitment Process Management System


Company Overview

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Our client, a leading Management and Consultancy firm, wanted to develop a comprehensive platform that would enhance their recruitment efficiency and provide real-time visibility into the status of each candidate. The platform is needed to centralize resume management, facilitate interview scheduling, allow interview observations, and enable HR to track the interview process at various stages. Tridhay Tech was approached to create this comprehensive solution for Recruitment Process Management

Business Challenges

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    Managing a Large Volume of Resumes and Filtering

    Tridhya Tech faced the challenge of building a system that could manage a large volume of resumes and filter them based on various criteria such as technologies, experience, and qualifications. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors.

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    Coordinating Interview Schedules and Room Availability

    It was difficult for Tridhya Tech to develop a platform that would coordinate interview schedules and manage room availability for candidate interviews. The lack of a streamlined process often resulted in
    scheduling conflicts and delays, which impacted the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

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    Tracking and Monitoring Interview Status

    Another challenge faced by Tridhya Tech was to create a system that would enable HR to track the status of interviews at any stage of the recruitment process, ensuring transparency and effective management.


Business Solution


Enhanced Resume Management and Filtering

Tridhya Tech developed a robust resume management module within the system. The module allowed for centralized storage of resumes and implemented advanced filtering options. This enabled HR personnel to easily search and filter resumes based on specific criteria, streamlining the candidate selection process.


Streamlined Interview Scheduling and Room Availability

Tridhya Tech incorporated an intuitive interview scheduling feature in the system, which provided a comprehensive view of available time slots and room availability. Users, including HR personnel and interviewees, could conveniently check room availability and book interview slots, which eliminated scheduling conflicts and simplified the overall interview management process.


Implemented Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

Tridhya Tech implemented a real-time tracking and monitoring functionality that allowed HR to access a dashboard that provided an overview of the interview process. They could track the progress of each candidate, view interview observations, and monitor the status of interviews in real-time. This enhanced visibility enabled HR to make informed decisions and effectively manage the recruitment process.

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Tridhya Tech successfully developed a recruitment process management system for a leading firm in the management and consultancy industry. The system centralized resume management, facilitated interview schedules, allowed for interview observation recording and enabled HR to track the interview status. The solution streamlined the client's recruitment process, saving time and resources while ensuring a comprehensive and standardized evaluation process.

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