Why Should You Use Liferay For B2B Ecommerce

Introduction to Liferay DXP Platform

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become difficult for businesses to survive, the unpredictability of waves has put a big hole in our pockets and hence has left no option for us other than moving our businesses online. As a B2B seller in today’s world, it is imperative to have an e-commerce website.

But your mind must be abuzz with questions like how to go about it? Where to start? What’s the best platform? And when in doubt, why not rely on an expert? As a leading Enterprise Content Management company, we have put our trust in the Liferay DXP platform like many other leading e-commerce website owners.

Liferay DXP platform is an open-source and free enterprise portal used to build B2B eCommerce enterprise websites. Liferay has proven to be a life raft for drowning businesses. Being a leading Liferay Development Company in India, we can confirm the edge presented by Liferay for B2B e-commerce. Tridhya Tech provides Liferay Consulting Services to Liferay Development Services globally and has only good things to say about it.

Why Choose Liferay DXP Platform

There is a wide array of custom plugins and extensions in Liferay making it one of the most trusted names in the industry. Apart from providing all the features, one could expect from an eCommerce site, Liferay for B2B e-commerce has many other salient features that make it a clear choice. Let’s see what those are:

Best In The Game Product Content Management

Liferay’s Product Content management system manages your inventory for you, auto-generates SKUs for every product variant, and enables you to sell physical products, subscription-based products, services, product bundles, and digital goods easily. If you are a B2B seller who sells customized products, We are happy to provide Liferay Consulting Services to help you upgrade your Liferay Web Content in order to personalize your products.

Ease Of Cataloguing

Make your process of cataloging easier with Liferay’s easy-to-use drop-down menus to build your page with dozens of out-of-the-box applications. Elasticsearch offers an effective and efficient product browsing experience to your customers. Liferay does not only encourage cross-selling by automatically recommending products that other users bought but also recommends your customer products other customers who are like them have bought. Options such as comparing products and wish listing the products are also made available.

Integrated Payment System

Liferay’s payment management system is integrated with ECB to provide automatic updates on exchange rates to ease your job and lets you easily manage measurement units. You can set the tax rate as fixed or can vary it by address, as the Liferay DXP platform provides support to multiple tax categories for products.

End-to-end Sales Representative Support

To provide your customers a hassle-free after-sales service Liferay DXP platform provides complete sales rep support. Your sales representative is given the access to edit, add, or apply promo codes on an order along with a real-time dashboard for your customers allowing them to study the order patterns, keep an eye on the dips in purchasing trends, and forecast the purchase of any specific customer to keep them always coming back to you to try out your new products.

The best part is, that’s not all. Liferay is a one-stop solution for all your digital enterprise needs, may that be Site and Content Management, Account and User Management, Order Management, Shipping, basically everything that’s indispensable for an e-commerce site, and more. Liferay also keeps adding more features as it’s an open-source platform.

How to get started?

You must be wondering where to get started with all this? How to go about setting up a Liferay DXP database? Again, this is where you turn to an expert. Tridhya Tech - Liferay Consulting Company and Development Services provide accurate consulting and guidance about upgraded Liferay versions. We offer various solutions like Liferay Upgrade Services and Liferay Migration Services to make the process smooth for you. With the combination of experience and skills of our developers, we have the right tools to help you leverage the latest functionality and your project investment.

By the time you are reading this sentence, thousands of companies are going through a digital transformation every passing second. Reach out to us right now if you have any questions about your Liferay Upgrade or getting the most out of your Liferay DXP platform. Give our certified and experienced developers a chance to align your strategic and technical decisions to give your B2B eCommerce a fair chance to be brought into the world of infinite opportunities before it gets too late.



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