Why Should I Upgrade Liferay?

Upgrading Liferay might seem like an unwanted task for your business owner, or you might put it off simply because you don’t feel up to it. But, procrastinating on an agenda might have severe effects in the future! When it comes to any technology, the worst thing that can happen to us is lagging. If you don’t want to be out of the loop, then why not upgrade your Liferay and stay up-to-date? There, you have your reasons!

Introduction to Liferay

Liferay is an open-source enterprise portal that hosts two main components - a Content Management System (CMS) and a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This web application is the perfect choice for you if you require a customizable portal and website creation platform. Liferay Portal Migration covers the latest technologies and offers you a flawless coding experience that helps you build extremely easy portals for the users and administrators.

A Liferay DXP Service utilizes the Liferay Development platform and caters to a wide range of audiences. With these services, you will be able to benefit immensely - from cost-cutting to appealing websites, they help you figure out the digital experience you want for your customers. One of the top Liferay DXP Consulting Services in the USA and they specialize in designing custom-made platforms that deliver a seamless experience to all its users.

Predominantly employed in B2B and B2E environments, Liferay is a one-stop platform for all your business needs. Tridhya Tech expertise in Liferay Portal development, Liferay CMS, and several other extensions.

Benefits of upgrading Liferay 

Liferay Development Services offer developers an enhanced platform where the designing of apps and building of web services don’t need the work that they used to require. A Liferay upgrade planner will automatically update your existing version of Liferay to your desired new version. Several reasons justify why you should upgrade Liferay. It isn’t enough to look into the system only when there is a problem. By missing out on upgrades, you miss out on several excellent features and innovative creations. 

New Features 

Convincing your business stakeholders to get an upgrade for Liferay can be a tough job. You can do this by briefing them about the advantages that come with the update. Various features are updated to increase the ease of use of the platform. Improved features and changes can help you immensely in saving time. Explaining the changes made to the platform and how they help you can be a good place to start your briefing.

The Liferay Upgrade Process can be done in two ways. 

  • Use the upgrade tool and upgrade all the modules and the core in one go or,
  • Upgrade the modules and the core separately.
The former is the easiest way to upgrade if your already existing version is Liferay Portal 6.2 or earlier versions.

Keep Yourself Updated

Something to understand here - any system will be made up of several smaller parts and components. The same applies to an enterprise system, which says that Liferay is a culmination of thousands of segments. By upgrading Liferay periodically, you provide a chance for all these components to be updated. Catch up with all the advancements in the platform, all in one go. 

Sometimes, the Liferay team could swap a few features or include new ones in place of the old ones. With an upgrade, you access these updates and optimize your work on the platform. Also, regular updates mean that you have time to adapt to the changes better. When upgraded only once in a blue moon, you might struggle with the monumental changes.

Stay on Top of The Game

You might be working around an issue and never arrive at the solution. This could be due to a defect or lack of a feature in the core system. A newer version of the platform can help you address the problem right away. When you regularly upgrade Liferay, you stay on top of your game - find a new objective and perspective and find solutions for the issues that drag for a long time.

There are several Liferay Development Services in India that offer you all the business services you need. With the utilization of the platform, they offer flexible and compatible solutions that transform your business and establish it successfully among its peers.

This is another reason why upgrading Liferay can be beneficial for you. Instead of spending a huge chunk of money and devoting too much of your time to an upgrade, you can easily cut down all this effort and keep it simple.

Security Measures 

When you upgrade Liferay, you'll be able to access the state-of-the-art security measures they introduce. Liferay Portal software needs to be upgraded and migrated to ensure that it receives advanced features for data protection, integrated and easy task management. 

Summing it Up

Tridhya Tech provides accurate consulting and guidance on how to approach the upgraded Liferay version. We can show you how to leverage the latest functionality and your project investment.

We have certified and experienced developers for Liferay upgrades, migrations, and digital transformations with enterprises of all sizes in all industry verticals. We provide Liferay DXP Consulting and developing services globally.


If you have questions about your Liferay upgrade or get the most from your Liferay DXP implementation Contact Us


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