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Why SEO is Best For Blogging?

Ways To Get The Best Seo Company Read More The world is moving ahead at a very fast pace. With the change in the technologies and new upgrades, we also see new changes and updates in SEO as well. SEO is not just building links, getting good ranks, and high traffic, it's something really more. The latest SEO is keen in showing what are you looking for? Now, in spite of such updates, still there lies a huge question ie is SEO dead? Further on this note, we do hear some arguments stating to stop focusing on keywords, all of the blogs must come from the relevant keywords. So, now what is right? Is SEO still alive? The answer is still pending. Well, to be honest, you cannot just say No or say no one is right. This is because we see people coming up with defending arguments and results to prove themselves right. Thus, leading to a confusion and leaving behind a question how do we exactly rank high through blogging? With the Google's latest Hummingbird update in the past few years, things have been totally different. Gone are the days where to get page rank you do some research of high-quality keywords, stuff them wherever they need, and get some links end of the day. Hummingbird does not really work this way, so also the SEO approach has changed. The search results give you the exact answer to what you are looking for. For eg. “What’s the closest place to buy the iPhone 5s to my home?” The traditional search engine might focus on the keywords such as “buy” and “iPhone 5s”. But, the latest hummingbird understands your search and shows you the list of stores near by you, if you have stored your location on Google. Similarly, when you search for a topic, and you get your desired results, but your search does not include any keywords, in this case, you need a relevant topic and keywords both. My point being, Google just wants to show you what you are exactly looking for. This states that your content should have a link between all the paragraphs along with the relevant keywords for that particular topic. So, for your best blogging experience, you need a topic which focuses the users search perspective and also it includes relevant keywords for the best search results. This means that you should have those keywords in your content that targets the search results. After all, all we do is to get some online presence through our unique content. So, why SEO is best for blogging? Here are some points that states it's usefulness. SEO is the best for blogging:
  • 1 – 2 long tailed keywords
Keywords used in the content are the said to be the heart of the content. So, it's proper use and placing will help your blog get the right traffic and visitors. The keywords should be relevant to the topic given. You should avoid more use of keywords with similar topics.
  • Include these keywords in some part of your content
Hire Professional Experts for Full Internet Marketing Services Let's Start to Talk It is really good to include these keywords in some part of the content to get better search results and ranking. SEO works fantastic when the keywords are included in the following parts of the content. So, make sure you include somewhere in the content is possible. => URL => Title => Body => Meta description
  • Blog should be mobile friendly
Mobile search is increasing rapidly. People's use has made Mobile SEO more advanced and powerful. Moreover, Google displays the mobile search results first. So, in order to get your content more search, it's better the blog is mobile friendly. Final Thoughts: Due to change in the SEO practices, so to have good online presence and best blogging experience, one should always understand it's use, effect, and outcome. For all SEO related queries, please visit

Website Technology

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Website Technology

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

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