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Why Mobilegeddon Cannot Be Left Out Of The Picture?

The entire digital world is aware of the fact that Google’s Mobilegeddon is already in effect since April 21, 2015. Is your business still deprived of a mobile friendly, responsive website? Then, chances are there that your website which fails to work on smartphones might get penalized by The Almighty Google’s search engine. Basically, this algorithm has changed the order in which a website is ranked when users search via mobile phone. The responsive algorithm alterations now favor the websites that are mobile-friendly. Now this indicates that all those online retailers who have ignored a mobile responsive site, turning a deaf ear to Mobilegeddon will drop off totally from Google mobile search results. Take a glance at these statistics Why Mobilegeddon Cannot Be Left Out Of The Picture? Read More Did you know???
  • Part of all US Google searches come from people on mobile devices
  • Surfers spend more than 15 hours per week on mobile research
  • 93% of people use mobile to browse and make a purchase
  • 48% of people said visiting non-mobile websites made them feel like the company has an old business methodology
  • 61% of people rapidly move on to another portal if they can’t easily find what they are searching for on a mobile site
How to Survive Google Mobilegeddon? There are a lot of different devices available in the market nowadays. The present market survey demonstrates that the mobile internet users are growing year by year. Google can see its users getting irked tapping their phones and hopping mad waiting for a response. Therefore, this dynamic search engine is telling us that “IF” the website does any of the following, it will punish by deteriorating their SERPs.
  • Makes use of Flash software, which is not friendly to mobile devices.
  • Just to see or read something, your users’ need to keep on zooming, feverishly tapping and scrolling with frustration.
  • Place links so close to each other that users need to press the back button several times just to land where they want to.
Check if your site is mobile friendly – The Acid Test If you want to know whether your website fulfills the new requirements of Google’s Mobilegeddon. Try Mobile-Friendly Test service where you can check your site for mobile friendliness. Basic features to optimize your website for mobile Here are few elements that will help in being Mobilegeddon compatible: Incorporate Responsive Design: Google recommends to espouse RWD in the mobile-friendly website. Generally, responsive web design is a fantastic approach to creating websites that automatically fits itself to the appropriate screen size. Also, the responsive design offers other benefits such as low cost, simple for users to share and link content, outstanding for SEO because Google loves using RWD and much more. Hire Our Experts for Professional Internet Marketing Services Let's Start to Talk Integrate Mobile Search:  There should be no boundaries for shopping, including a mobile search package for your mobile platform, which is a crucial aspect in generating high sales. Bespoke mobile search will guarantee that the search bar is just as responsive and visually improved for mobile. Moreover, the specialized mobile technology will enable you to personalize layouts using awesome templates, leading to amplified average order value. Revamp your mobile pages with mobile-friendly videos and images: Do not forget that the majority of users who access your portal through smartphones would sometimes be experiencing slow or no internet connection. Thus, bearing that in mind, you must modify your images and videos. And, images as well as videos which you keep must be small taking least loading time, this is because a slow loading experience compels the user to leave the page by increasing the bounce rate. Evade using the large media files that on your desktop pages to shrink from lagging in high loading mobile pages. Remember, to have a mobile responsive web design is not anymore a trend, it’s a vital part now! You must have the potential to provide your customers an amazingly optimized user experience (UX) irrespective of their choice of mobile phone. This way you can augment the reach of your service which will ultimately increase the opportunity of engaging with users. This strategy is exceedingly valuable and its cost effectiveness is another strong advantage. Now, why not stay ahead of the competition by developing a Mobile responsive site that also adapts to Mobilegeddon? Techno Infonet is a reputed Web Design and Development Company based in the USA since 10+ years. We are specialized in offering custom responsive web design and development based on your business needs. Our expert team of developers and designers are well versed with the latest technology and techniques to deliver qualitative output to clientele worldwide. Buck up to save your website from Mobilegeddon!!!

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Google's New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Gone are the days of sitting at your desktops or having the laptop stand by for emergency. It is all in the mobile phone now. So go ahead and enjoy or tour away from home. There are going to be no worries as long as you have your mobile phone tucked

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