Why businesses should develop Portals with Liferay?

Digital experience is the need of the hour for modern enterprises. When it comes to providing engaging digital experience to audience, you can count upon Liferay development services. Liferay is an enterprise portal development technology that offers DXP (Digital Experience Platform) for bringing digital transformation in the businesses globally. The Liferay platform can boost enterprise content management system with digitally pleasant user experience.

People get more acquainted with digital interaction as time advances, and therefore, they demand unique ways to interconnect. This trend compels entrepreneurs and business owners to find digitally advanced solutions for the document management system. There, Liferay comes into the picture. It promotes digital transformation across the workflows. As a robust and reliable platform, Liferay also assists dynamic enterprises to mitigate ever-changing challenges.

Liferay development services enable your company to provide advanced features to visitors or customers. It is one of the most popular technologies for developing enterprise-grade software and portals. Here are the top ten benefits of Liferay portal development for your business.

1) Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Liferay is an easy-to-install platform as compared to other portal development platforms like Drupal and Joomla. It can help you save big on development and operational costs. Also, Liferay is easy-to-use for companies and offers reduced cost of ownership. This benefit makes Liferay a preferred choice for a document management system for your company.

2) OOTB (Out-of-the-box) functionalities
Liferay has many OOTB features like content management, core portal, etc. What’s more, the platform offers enhanced security and mobile-friendliness for enterprise portals. When it comes to building advanced enterprise portal solutions, Liferay can remain a robust and reliable platform.

3) Scope for innovation
Liferay offers 60 different features for portal development. Also, the platform keeps on bringing new features and updating regularly to fill the gaps in the market. The version upgrade of Liferay is designed to mitigate the diverse requirements of the industry. The Liferay consulting company can come up with innovative portal solutions using Liferay’s new social and mobile configuration.

4) High customization
Liferay is a highly customizable platform. It has a new Hook and Extension plugin to give Liferay developers the liberty to develop a product using the old code. It is easy to change or modify your portal in line with your business requirements without rewriting the whole code. Higher customization ability makes Liferay a choice of many enterprises globally. Unisys, Suez Environment, and Volkswagon are some of the big companies that have put trust in Liferay.

5) Increased agility
Liferay offers drag-and-drop like functionalities that ease the burden on your management. It is easy to configure, develop, and modify custom functionalities in the Liferay portal to meet your different business objectives. Liferay has unique workflow APIS to save valuable time for developers and allow the creation of customized APIs.

6) Customization independence
The Liferay development company can give a full choice of application servers, operating systems, and databases based on Liferay. Various features of Liferay enable developers and entrepreneurs to create customized modules. Such modules can sync with your business processes and to give your company a competitive edge.

7) Multilingual capacity
The Liferay platform offers out-of-the-box support for more than 30 languages including Francoise and Portuguese. If you own an MNC or a multilingual organization that deals with customers and stakeholders who speak different languages, then Liferay can help you come up with a user-friendly portal. Users can switch the language with a single click. What’s more, you can add new languages as per necessity as well.

8) Staging environment
Liferay allows you to make changes to your corporate website in a staging area. You can publish all the changes at once after making the necessary changes. The platform also facilitates users, developers, and administrators to integrate content and services from backend applications. It supports multiple methods to integrate like SOAP, RSS, and REST. Simply put, Liferay is just the right platform for developing a customized enterprise content management system.

9) Easy Migration
Regular version updates and development-friendly functionality are key characteristics of the Liferay DXP. It also helps your company share corporate information in real-time with complete user control. You can readily migrate files, blogs, and data from legacy systems to the Liferay platform or simply integrate with existing enterprise platforms like SAP.

10) Huge community support
The growing popularity of Liferay reflects in the fact that every month, around 1300 new members join the Liferay community. Over 56000 active members are a part of a huge community to date and support Liferay development services by resolving issues quickly.

Parting Notes
A reliable and renowned Liferay enterprise solutions can help companies to make the most of Liferay technology. A Liferay portal migration can transform your business operations with an immersive look and feel. The Digital Experience Platform of Liferay can connect devices to offer a unified experience to the users.


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