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What important factors you need to consider when redesigning or rebranding your business website?

What are the important reasons to redesign your website?

There are plenty of benefits that come with redesigning a website. In addition to updating the user interface and user experience, redesigning a website increases social sharing, improves accessibility and responsiveness, and also ensures that your platform is compatible with the latest browsers. It’s easy to assume that website redesign is a long, painful, and costly process – but this is not always the case. It is possible to redesign your site in bits, which gives you enough time to brainstorm and also work out your finances. Redesigning depends on various reasons, as explained by Techno Infonet. If you are not able to pull in the right amount of traffic or keep the audiences glued to your website, it might be a great time to tweak and adjust your site for better outcomes. Here are other reasons to redesign your website:
  • Does not coordinate with your strategy
  • Does not precisely exhibit your brand
  • Not visible on Google
  • You are not getting the desired outcome
  • Your site cannot be easily viewed on mobile
  • The website is not convenient for the users
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What things should be kept in mind before redesign or rebrand your website?

  • Show your expertise
Narrowing down to primary services and optimizing them to reach the target audience can help to generate more leads and conversion.
  • Identify the target audience.
According to Search Engine, great marketing begins and ends with the audience. But if you want high conversion, it begins and ends with marketing to the right audience.
  • Clear your goals to target the audience
A successful site requires an effective, sustained marketing strategy for your products/ services. That means your website design should be focused on specific goals, along with measurable objectives and targeted audience.
  • Competitor analysis
Knowing the keywords that your competitors are targeting and ranking for informs your SEO strategy. Critically analyze your competitor’s websites (at least the top 5) and identify their strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities that you can leverage to your advantage.

Things that should be included while designing a website.

  • Clean and simple design
Simpler designs are better. A clean design helps viewers focus on the value of brand and content instead of misleading graphics and huge amount of text.
  • Unique & relevant content
Your website should have unique and relevant content that targets your business’ keywords, products/services, country, etc. Content is and will always be a great way to increase website traffic and generate leads.
  • Color Scheme
Using color scheme in your web design, it's vital to consider company's relevancy, target audience, branding, and the other elements. Despite of your choice, spending the time to research the best color choice will give website visitors a good impression.
  • Call to action
Placing calls-to-action on your website encourages customers to contact your business. Calls-to-action must be appropriate for a visitor's level of engagement with your company.
  • User should not be confused
If a website is confusing and not easy to navigate, customers may leave and never return to site. To increase the efficiency and appeal of your site's navigation, conduct an in-depth site review from a new visitor’s perspective.
  • Mobile responsive
Businesses need to be sure that their websites can be viewed from different devices to reach the growing population of mobile users effectively. On the other hand, a business planning the launch of a website would be served better by choosing a responsive design capable of adapting to any device.
  • Website Page speed/Loading Time of website
When looking for some information on the internet, nothing affects visitors more than slow loading time. Customers can be turned away entirely due to this issue. Quick load times give customers the information they want when they want it.
  • SEO friendly website
Make sure you have well-written page titles, meta descriptions, and permalinks for all your content. Design content for readability which includes header tags. Target the right keywords on all your landing pages. Reduce website loading time as much as possible.
  • Social media
Integration with social media is no longer a novelty - it's a requirement. Social media provides a venue in which customers can promote the brand, provide reviews, and stay in-the-know about the company's latest news.
  • Captcha code
SPAM! This word is what some businesses get in comment sections, contact forms, and website forums that don't have captcha code in place. Adding these short tests to your contact forms will ensure that only humans can use your site's resources - saving your business time and money.
  • Security
Websites which manages online transactions, like eCommerce websites, need more security measures to protect user information. HTTPs also ranking factor for SEO so, to reduce the potential for browser-based threats, businesses must add SSL certificates to their websites.
  • Testimonial
By displaying client testimonials on your website, you exhibit your company's expertise, products, and commitment to clients. The more genuine, detailed testimonials your company receives, the higher your chances of gaining new customers.
  • Real images
It helps to increase the trust factor towards online users, and there are many ways to get user engagement through it, which may help to showcase services/products of your business through it.
  • Clickable Phone number/Email address.
A straightforward ‘mobile-friendly’ improvement you can make to your website is to make sure your phone number and email address are clickable to engage with your customers easily.
  • Social sharing icons.
To make sharing easier and encouraging your visitors, the social sharing button is a must on your site. It is one of the best options to get your content shared by social media, email, and other online channels. Highly Specialized Web Development Services Provider Ready to Talk

Things to do after redesigning your website

  • Marketing
The mistake that you’ll observe is that, businesses do not take into consideration of how important their website design is for their marketing strategy. While most business owners ignore this, and the fact is that website design that can either make or break your marketing strategy.
  • Tracking of website visitors
Between Google & Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics (GA), website developers have the necessary structure to accurately calculate ROI. For both desktop and mobile websites, these tools can be used together to monitor traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. After discovering this data, it's possible to recognize which marketing campaigns work best and which not.

What important factors should be considered while redesigning your ecommerce website?

  • Registration/Login account
  • Add to cart
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Which card is accepted information?
  • Product real images and its description
  • Search option
  • Display Best Sellers/ Most Popular products
  • Category wise product display.

What existing SEO factors that should be considered while redesigning your website?

  • Need to self-canonical tag URL in all pages.
  • Take care of existing "nofollow" and "noindex" tags.
  • Latest blog, website content and the formatting should be displayed properly.
  • Image ALT Tag
  • Internal Linking
  • Heading Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Exiting 301 Redirection
  • Slug URLs should not be changed
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Google Analytic and Webmaster tracking code
  • Page speed of Desktop & Mobile should be increased.
  • HTTPs and its redirection
  • Forms should be working
  • Mobile friendly
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Website Technology

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Website Technology

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