What are the Frequently Asked Questions on Laravel Development?

Laravel, a simple and effortless web development service, has started gaining popularity in the web development world. This PHP framework generously helps in creating a user-friendly website. Apart from this, cost-effective, easy to use, enhanced user experience, and an increase in the number of visitors are a few commendable advantages of this framework. Its popularity has encouraged many developers to use this web framework in the web development process. Now, someone who is new or practicing often has a lot many questions about the use of this framework.

Here are a few answered FAQs that will provide a clearer insight into the use of Laravel.

5 Different FAQ's on Laravel Web development:


1. How to Change the Date Format in Laravel?

Creating a website should not be an end-all and be-all, rather it should be developed in such a way that it easily adjusts to the geographical location wherein it is being accessed. The time zone needs to be formatted as and when the need arises. So how do you change the date format? The date format can be changed by either using carbon or the PHP strtotime or using the Laravel model. To make this clearer, have a look at the tutorial for a better understanding of the process of smoothly changing the date format in Laravel.

2. How to Create an SEO-friendly Sluggable URL?

An SEO-friendly website is taking the entire internet by storm. Hence, whenever you are creating a website, SEO-friendly becomes a mandatory element. The eloquent sluggable package significantly helps in creating URLs that is SEO-friendly. To make this possible you need to get the Laravel application which would be followed by creating an item table and model. The below mentioned URL will provide a detailed insight on how to create an SEO-friendly sluggable URL.


3. How to Create a Custom Validation Rule?

When it comes to creating a custom validation rule there are several approaches to it. One among them is almost equal to requests classes for validation. To make it more elaborate here is a link to creating custom validation rule with laravel. Click on the link to explore more.

4. How to upload multiple files in Laravel?

There may arise a situation wherein you would be required to upload a lot many files. The jQuery plugin can be put to use for bringing in results that would be excellent. To put this in progress you need to begin by downloading a new copy of the Laravel project. Click on the link for a better understanding of how to upload multiple files.


5. How to convert WordPress theme to Laravel blade?

  Converting WordPress theme to Laravel Blade demands the need of HTML/CSS/Javascript files and many such assets. To begin with, you need to come up with a public demo and analyze the source. The next step to this would be to install fresh Laravel and routes. It is needless to say, Laravel Blade comes with a bunch of quality template structure functionality which could be generously used to convert WordPress themes to Laravel Blade. Here is a link that will enlighten you on the conversion process.  


The above-mentioned are a few common questions that every Laravel developer could come across. It is always good to come across questions and get them answered on an immediate basis. This will not only increase the bundle of knowledge but will also bring a level of perfection to the development process.

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