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What are the E-commerce Development Trends for 2017?

E-commerce is one term, which will surely have its progress going. Until the mobiles rule this world, we’ll surely see some great progress. Well, continuing further, you might be eager to know what’s in here for the E-commerce Development in the year 2017. Here, are a few trends for which will quench your thirst. Reasons Why Storage Locker Industry needs E commerce Store to Grow Business Read More
  • Artificial Intelligence Artificial IntelligenceAI (Artificial Intelligence) once was a term where people fascinated and could just dream of something that a man couldn’t do. Gone are the days where people just thought that AI is not “our cup of tea”. Well, AI has now become a common word for all of us just as we speak “coffee”! Not only that, AI is now being used in almost every device, things, and materials; where people’s imagination stops AI begins. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistance are some named digital assistance which states the rising power of AI.With this, we can say that, surely AI will affect the E-commerce Development directly or indirectly. Different assistances like Google, Amazon’s Echo, and many more will respond differently; such as Echo will respond the product and review page and the Google Assistance will result the top of the search page. So, before the people drown in the flood, the E-commerce brands have their eagle eyes on the developments which take place within the course.
  • Mobile. Mobile. And mobile With the advancements taking place in the mobile technology, we can surely estimate that mobile advancements will help give the E-commerce Development a new way. A survey says that, mobile searches are more as compared to desktop. Also, the number of web pages served to mobile phones from 2009 to 2017, clearly speaks about the ruling of mobile phones over the desktop. This is a clear indication that all the E-commerce apps and stores will have to come with new features and surely be a hot trend this year.
  • The loyalty Apps With the use and increase in the E-commerce websites, we see that the use of online transaction, E-wallet, and other means of cashless transactions has increased. Also, transaction related apps have come up in the market. With this, another unique program called the “Loyalty Apps” is started with the online payment. These cards are synced with your accounts and you can make the payments easily. This feature is beneficial in the E-commerce app or store, where you want your customer to make the payment. Surely, this will be hot in demand in the year 2017.
  • Personalization and customization Demands keep on changing. The things, features, and the content used in the previous version or material become out dated within no time. So, correct delivery of the output and content at the right time and place is beneficial. The customization in the products and content will surely lay a good impact in this year. Even personalized deals on the products and also on the products which the customer has already purchased, shows a vital difference between you and your competitor.
  • Mobile shopping at new height With the increase in the amount of App lovers, we see the graph of the mobile shopping and online shopping increasing day-by-day. It is but obvious that all the E-commerce stores and Apps must be updated with the latest trends and technologies. There are latest updates in the market for the E-commerce store and so, we all need to stay updated.
  • Increased security measures With the latest updates in the E-commerce store and App and the use of the online payment, it is must that the App or store is secured. The customer should feel safe and secure while using it. With the hackers hovering around, there is a must need of having high security methods. Well, the all the latest updates in the year 2017, we are likely to be safe and secure. Hire Ecommerce App Developer With Right Skills & Experience Meet Now
  • A friend to help you out Having a huge crowd over the store and App, many of the customers do miss the sales assistance, which is constantly interacting with them. Here, is a role of a virtual sales assistant, who will answer the buyer’s questions, concerns, and queries. This will surely be much of a help to the customers who literally are in need. 2017 will likely see them into the picture.
  • Social selling As people are getting more social with the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on, the E-commerce trends too are moving towards this direction. Having synced the social networking sites, the selling through them too will be seen. As of now, we do have ads and links to the social sites, wherein we can make our purchase. To see more sales, brands have to broaden their scope. Final Thoughts: There is going to be a lot of buzz, buzz, and buzz in the E-commerce Development field. Much of change and improvements will be showcased this year. The above is just a glimpse; we will have much more in the days to come.

Website Technology

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Website Technology

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