Top Tips to Create Effective Document Management Strategy for Your Enterprise

A robust document management system can ensure the growth of any organization. However, it is necessary to make an effective document management strategy to make the most of the document management system.

The document management strategy can define a roadmap to handle documents efficiently so that the company can easily create, store, organize, and share critical corporate data.

As a result, your business can get benefit from a seamless flow of information. When you implement a proper document management strategy in the enterprise content management system, your company can get the following benefits-

  • Higher workflow efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Security of data and regulatory compliance
  • Risk reduction and anytime access

These benefits show the importance of making an effective document management strategy for your company. Be it increasing productivity or simplifying complexities, this strategy can always remain helpful. Let’s go through a step-by-step guide to make a proper document management strategy.

Major Steps to Consider for Creating Effective Document Management Strategy

Define accountability The first step in the strategy-making process is to define the role and responsibility of every person engaged in making and implementing the strategy. You need to establish a project team for overseeing the process from beginning to end. For implementing an efficient document management system, the team should have members from all departments of your company like administration, manufacturing, etc. Every member of the team acts as a mediator between the project team and their respective department. They will determine all necessary documents to be saved, and the way they can be saved. Determine requirements

Just like any other project, it is necessary to define requirements while making the document management strategy. Your project team should identify necessary documents that can be stored, reviewed, shared, and updated over the period in your company. As mentioned above, the project team has members from all departments, and every department has different necessities related to documents. The enterprise content management system consists of different aspects, and you need to ensure that all these requirements are addressed effectively. It is advisable that you take the assistance of a document management company in identifying requirements and implementing the proper strategy to meet them.

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Make inventory

A reputed Alfresco enterprise content management company can assist your project team to understand the importance of documents across various departments. The project team checks every location to find every document and make an inventory. The inventory makes it easy to classify all the documents in the following categories-

  • Review and reference material
  • Company records
  • Copies of important documents
  • Forms and Invoices
  • Client information
  • Employee details

When it comes to accessing critical corporate documents on a 24/7 basis, the inventory can play a vital role in the document management system.

Make roadmap

After knowing the types and importance of all the documents in the company, it is easy to define the way to store them. Modern enterprises tend to save documents in cloud-based servers to ensure safe and quick access. Here, you can make an outline by keeping daily usage, objectives, and other aspects of document sharing in mind. In your roadmap, you can also find out whether you want a standardized or customized document management process. Also, the strategy needs to include a plan of removing unnecessary documents from the system. Simply put, all the steps are considered while making a roadmap for managing the company document.

Get rid of unnecessary documents

Once the classification is done and the inventory is created, now it’s time to get rid of all unnecessary documents and files that take up additional space. The project team starts removing all redundant documents to keep the document management system working flawlessly. It can be done manually by the team members or automatically by taking the help of AI technology. Some companies prefer to archive the records for future reference.

Maintain process Now, the document maintenance strategy is ready to implement. With powerful ECM platforms like Alfresco or Liferay, you can easily index all the documents electronically. Here, all the employees need to follow this strategy and keep all the records updated. It is advisable to make this strategy a corporate policy to make sure that every employee uses this new system.

Here are some important tips to maintain the document management process effectively-

  • Upload every new document as and when it comes
  • Protect all the records by implementing authentication and user authorization
  • Establish an effective document tracking system for finding edits
  • Destroy unnecessary documents securely to remove the risk of a data breach

The electronic document management system powered by Alfresco or Liferay can easily address all these objectives. The enterprise content management system developed using any of these platforms is way more efficient and compliance-friendly then the traditional paper management system.

Concluding Lines

You need to consider two big aspects while making the document management strategy- easy accessibility and improved security. Alfresco and Liferay are robust platforms to meet document-related complexities. All you need to find a reliable ECM services provider to make and implement a document management strategy.

Tridhya Tech is 100% operational amid nationwide lockdown thanks to the cutting-edge tools and ‘Work-from-Home’ concept. Our expert business consultants are happy to help you make an effective document management strategy. We also offer high-quality ECM services using Alfresco and Liferay platforms.


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