Top 5 Document Management Systems for Your Business

Here are a few noteworthy document management systems available in the market. Read on to find out the right one for your business.

Modern business of any size and scale needs a robust document management system. Every day, a plethora of data is created in the company, and it is necessary to manage this huge documentation flow. An Enterprise content management (ECM) system can enable companies to serve this purpose effectively. Today, many open-source ECM systems are available in the market, which makes the selection of the right system a challenging and arduous task.

Here we mention top open-source document management systems that can meet the growing needs of controlling and managing documents. We also give a brief introduction to each of them to assist you to find the most suitable one for your enterprise.

1) OpenDocMan
It is an easy-to-use and simple document management system that complies with ISO 17025 requirements. As one of the best open-source document management systems, many Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and government agencies use OpenDocMan across the world. It supports ten languages and flexible enough to meet diverse document management requirements. As a web-based app, it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

OpenDocMan is designed to keep the corporate workflow and individual user’s needs in mind. It has features like access control, automated review, and search function to enable the user to browse anything quickly.

2) Alfresco Content Services
It is simply an enterprise edition of the open-source ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution, Alfresco. As a robust platform, it offers highly scalable and flexible ECM capabilities. A leading Alfresco development company can develop a customized solution for your business needs by using enterprise-friendly features of Alfresco content services.

Alfresco platform has a huge community of active developers. You can readily integrate content with the workflow and other business applications by using Alfresco services. Alfresco Share enables the users to upload, edit, and share any sorts of files. What’s more, it offers a cost-effective solution to SMEs and even startups to manage their data efficiently. Alfresco has become a preferred choice of enterprises globally in a very short time for its user-friendliness and enterprise-oriented features.

3) Kimios
Kimios can streamline daily functions as a powerful option for bulky enterprise management systems. It is an easy-to-use platform with an excellent search feature. Content and metadata can be indexed for every document that makes full-text or boolean searches easy. In brief, Kimios is a strong document search engine. It has features like version control, commenting, customizable workflows, etc. to manage the documents with ease.

4) LogicalDoc Community Edition
This is also an open-source document management version of the LogicalDOC software like Alfresco software. However, this community edition does not offer all the functionality of the paid commercial edition. However, it covers all the basic functionality necessary for your business at the initial level.

#CTA-2# Multilinguality, full version control, document searching, etc. are some of the noteworthy features of LogicalDoc Community Edition. Collaboration is in focus on LogicalDoc and the community edition offers some tools for better collaboration.

5) Liferay
Liferay software is designed to meet various document management needs. Liferay development company can utilize Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) to provide customized portal solutions for modern enterprises. Liferay platform offers commerce, DXP Cloud, and Analytics Cloud services to meet diverse documentation needs. Regular updates and a thriving community contribute to this platform’s growing popularity.

Drawbacks of Open-Source Document Management System

Though these are highly popular and major open-source systems, there are a few limitations that you need to consider.
  • Limited features- Free document management software can offer fewer features as compared to its paid version. Even if a few open-source DMS can provide more features, you may compromise on quality. Therefore, it is better to take a paid version of any of this DMS to get all the features necessary to meet your business needs.
  • No or minimal technical support- These open-source tools usually come with no or minimal assistance. You need community support in case any issue arises.
  • Difficulty in meeting standards- Such document management systems may not comply with regulatory standards given by government agencies. Therefore, it is advisable to take the advice of a reliable Alfresco enterprise content management system developer.

Concluding Lines

As a leading Alfresco development company, Tridhya Tech has successfully met the document management requirements of modern enterprises across the world. Our in-house team of Alfresco and Liferay developers can build customized ECM solutions in a cost-effective way.


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