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The Significance of an Accelerated Mobile Page Feature

A better, faster and a smoother mobile experience – That's what Google is aiming for. To make way for a smooth user-experience, Google has brought in the AMP feature. In accordance with AMP, Google intends to give the best user-experience for all those mobile lovers who look out for information as well as carry out shopping on their smartphones. Before we proceed, let me brief you about AMP.

What is Accelerated Mobile Page?

  Accelerated Mobile Pages, that's what AMP stands for. It could be best defined as an open source web framework that helps in creating mobile-optimized content. AMP is a stripped down form of an HTML page that is meticulously designed to be super light. Due to its lightweight, it beautifully eradicates the hassle of slow web page loading. It is specifically designed for a flawless readability and speed. All these contribute to a website that would exhibit a great user-experience. The Significance of an Accelerated Mobile Page Feature Read More

Why AMP is an advantage to your website?

  Let me walk you through some of the prominent advantages that you will come across with the AMP feature added to your website. Read on to find out.

1. It accelerates the website loading speed

In the present era, nobody likes to be kept waiting. The results need to be instant and clear. Keeping this in mind, AMP proves to be an important web framework that exhibits an enormous amount of speed and agility when it comes to displaying web pages on the mobile phones. This immensely helps in providing a great user experience as the users are entertained with quick results.

2. It increases mobile ranking

This web framework positively influences the website's ranking as it has an accelerated loading time. This positively influences the SEO factor of your website, which in turn improves the mobile ranking.

3. It improves server performance

Apart from providing a great user performance, the web framework also helps in improving the server performance by cutting down the server load. If you are getting a lot of traffic from mobile, adding AMP will significantly help you in enhancing the performance by reducing the server load.

4. A decrease in bounce rate

With AMP you get to project a website that is compatible, user-friendly and easily accessed across all possible browser. Owing to this, you get to lay your hands on websites that have a great user experience, contributing to a lower bounce rate.

5. Improves SEO

A great user experience is an element that every user craves for. If this is neglected, then you might miss out on valuable users. With AMP one need not mold or make changes to the existing website in order to view them on different devices. This instantly makes it easy for Google to find your website on the digital platform as it easily responds to the device that it is being accessed on.

6. Provides a great platform for Ads

This web framework provides a reliable platform for presenting ads and this consequently limits your ad revenue. The HTML codes are presented in such a way that it effectively supports the applicability of ads to your website, cutting down additional revenue.

7. Compels visitor analytics

Once you have created a website, it becomes crucial to keep a watch on visitors who will be paying a visit to your website. This is important because you can track their activity and accordingly improve the user experience. Having said this, AMP beautifully projects the visitor analytics, which in short will play an important role in enhancing your website performance. Get Affordable Internet Marketing Services with a Top-rated Company Join Hands now

AMP - A part of the Google Search Console!

  Yes, you heard that right! AMP is a part of the Google Search Console since February 23rd, 2016. Google Search Console, a free tool offered by Google for keeping a watch on the indexing status and optimization visibility of a website has now one more feature added to its list. Once you have added the AMP feature to your website, the data can be viewed across the Google Search Console. The inbuilt AMP feature in the search console will help you in analyzing the mobile responsiveness of your website. Furthermore, the data can be explored exclusively in the Search Appearance and Search Traffic Sections. The AMP report will be subjected to the number of AMP pages that have either been successfully indexed or have been detected with some kind of errors. Having said this, error pages that have an AMP feature will not be displayed in the Google Search Results. It is necessary to have a look at the report once every month so as to get an idea about the authenticity of the AMP feature on your website. It is also advisable to run your eyes through the reports in case of a decrease in the AMP impressions or when you are intimidated about a spike in AMP errors. Here is a link that will help in making your website AMP-compliant Best Practices for Utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages   Let me walk you through a few guidelines that will help with making an AMP-compliant website. Read on to find out.
  • A user should be given the same experience irrespective of the device it is being accessed on. Be it with the content or the call to action button a similar user experience should be granted.
  • The AMP equipped URL should be easy to understand for the users.
  • Make sure that the AMP pages follow the best possible guidelines so that they are authentic enough to be included in the AMP-related features. Also, it will make it easy for the users to explore the pages without any inconvenience.
  • It is necessary to keep in mind the structured data policy before you include the structured data on your page. This will impend you from making invalid or error filled pages.


Nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet for surfing, getting information and even shopping. Owing to this, it becomes necessary to build websites that could be easily scaled across these smaller devices. This is where an AMP comes into the picture where it promises to provide a great user experience, enhancing your online visibility. AMP-compatible websites are ruling the world wide web and if you have not yet opted for this feature, do consider getting it on your website.

Website Technology

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