The Benefits of Launching a Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Brand

Direct-To-Consumer   The D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) e-commerce solutions empower manufacturers to create, market, and sell their products directly to customers through digital channels, providing them with end-to-end control. Unlike traditional retail, which relies on intermediaries such as wholesalers and distributors, the D2C model bypasses the middlemen, enabling manufacturers to exercise greater control over their brands. 

This 2023, in the US only, the D2C sales are expected to reach 182.62 billion dollars.

D2C ecommerce sales US

Source: U.S. D2C e-commerce sales 2024 | Statista

As a result, this business model is revolutionizing traditional retail by offering multiple competitive advantages over conventional retail strategies, including:

Manufacturers Can Connect To Consumers Directly

With D2C, manufacturers have enhanced control over brand messaging and consumer engagement. The conventional manufacturer-retailer relationship often restricts manufacturers' ability to regulate their brand, allowing them little control beyond packaging and other marketing activities.

After the product reaches the retailers, manufacturers have limited influence over the sales process, are unable to form a relationship with consumers or obtain data on them. Despite spending heavily on advertising, retailers are the ones who ultimately present the product to the consumer.

D2C Boosts The Innovation

D2C creates additional opportunities for innovation. Traditional retailers generally follow set standards when selling products and are hesitant to promote new items without a proven sales history. As a result, manufacturers are often constrained to producing what retailers want.

By contrast, D2C empowers manufacturers to launch new products on a smaller scale, test them with specific demographics, and gather feedback. This way, manufacturers can learn more about what their customers want, produce items that sell, and make improvements where necessary.

More Accurate Data Collection & Accessibility

With D2C, manufacturers have direct access to customers at every stage of the buying process, including post-sales. This enables the collection of various customer data such as email addresses, location, social media profiles, and purchasing preferences. 

According to outboundengine, The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

Success Rate for D2C

Data & Analytics solutions like these help in gaining insight into consumer buying behaviors and helps manufacturers enhance existing products and potentially create new product lines.

Cutting Down The Middleman

By cutting out the middleman, manufacturers can significantly boost their profit margins. Traditional retail involves markups at every step of the way, from production to the final sale, leaving little room for manufacturers to maximize their profits.

In contrast, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) strategies enable brands to offer their products at the same price point as retailers while still reaping higher profit margins, making it a win-win situation for both manufacturers and consumers.

Create Brand Loyalty Like No Other

With D2C, manufacturers have greater control over providing customers with exceptional service and support. They can utilize their direct relationship with consumers to build strong connections and enhance customer loyalty by launching targeted marketing campaigns.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Selling D2C enables manufacturers to overcome geographical restrictions and expand their reach globally. By targeting the appropriate customer segments in different markets, manufacturers can efficiently sell their products worldwide.


Implementing a D2C approach is financially and operationally advantageous. However, it's essential to develop forward-thinking strategies to ensure that the model consistently meets consumer demands. 

Continuously evolving the strategy is vital to adapt to unforeseeable consumer needs and scale effectively in the long term. If you are also looking for D2C e-commerce solutions, Tridhya Tech can offer perfect enterprise-scale solutions for all your e-commerce needs.


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