The 12 most popular WordPress design trends for the year 2017

WordPress – one of the most popular Content Management Systems started its journey in the year 2003 as a mere blogging site that went on to become a popular CMS platform. Since its inception, WordPress has witnessed a galore of trends and fads that have been picked up by many promising Wordpress development companies time and again to remain in the race. The year 2017 too has its share of trends that is ruling the technical market. 5 Tips to Make Your WordPress Website a Success Read More Let me walk you through the designing trends that WordPress has gained accolades in the present era.
  • Single Page Websites 'Simplicity is the glory of expression' – a quote well said by Walt Whitman has inspired many designers who design websites. Single Page website is a WordPress design that personifies the quality of simplicity giving way to a more organized website. This is a design that can be generously used by all those who are dealing in single product or service.
  • Responsive Designs The ability to respond is much appreciated where the number of devices has increased with increase in competition. This is has given importance to responsive web designs and WordPress does not believe in lagging behind the race to becoming number one in the technical platter. Hence the use of responsive web design in Wordpress powered themes have gained a popularity in recent times.
  •  Video Headers The video headers are yet another important invention that has flagged off the year 2017 with an innovative start. It has been stated that videos and images have managed to grab a maximum number of eyeballs in a world that constantly screams for attention and video headers are one of the best anecdotes that describe the website's entire jist through captivating visuals.
  • Drag and Drop Content The Drag and Drop design has widened the scope for all those who wish to spawn designs without disturbing the website's overall structure. A great designing trend that has gained momentum among the Wordpress users who are amateur in the field of website creation usingWordpress.
  • A Multipurpose Theme A theme that has multiple uses has again raked in the right amount of popularity in the world of WordPress. It perfectly emotes the quality of vibrancy and variety into the designing of a website as the user gets the right to make use of any style or simply merge a variety of styles in creating one website. This design trend promotes flexibility and customization that has become the need of the hour.
  • The Card and Grid Designs Many WordPress development companies choose paths that are sure to give them the desired success and Card and Grid designs are one of the most admired tools when it comes to creating impactful web designs. A card and grid design helps in easy navigation as the contents are all stacked in the form of a card or a grid format giving way to intuitive navigation. This helps in making the website understandable in nature.
  • Customized Designs Tailor-made designs are yet another important and well to do concept in the world of WordPress powered designs. The power to mold the website into the design and shape as per your need and requirement is what attracts the WordPress users. They have a wide range of options and opportunities in terms of captivating the audiences.
  • Bold and Creative Typography WordPress users have started experimenting with the font sizes as they have realized the importance of font size in attracting the right amount of audience. Bold and creative typography has successfully managed to harbor the interest of all the WordPress users with its eccentric usage.
  • The Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is the most awed concept in the field of technical inventions. Wordpress designs have also integrated the concept of Virtual Reality in its website creation process, exploring all the new and varied horizons of website creation. Not many people have started using the concept of Virtual Reality, but it is deemed to hit the floors at an increasing rate in the near future.
  • Micro-interactions Micro-interactions have managed to gain the attention of the audiences with features that entice the audiences. The inculcation of links, a trigger and quick feedbacks are some of the examples of micro-interactions that is seen to rule the market. It adds an element of buoyancy in all the websites that replicates stereotyped contents.
  • The Parallax Scrolling Parallax scrolling is yet another favored WordPress designing trends that the year 2017 is witnessing. The background content moving slower than the lead content is what a Parallax design is all about. It flages off really well when used with single page website.
  • Module Based Theme Multiple modules and widgets have been dominating the lives of WordPress users since quite some time. The Module based theme helps all these users in assimilating the desired module and widget in coming to a conclusion that is worth the praise. This designing trend helps in creating a customized WordPress website as you get the privilege of selecting the desired module or widgets  as per your need and requirement.
Highly Specialized WordPress Website Development Services Provider Ready to Talk Final Note WordPress has a variety to offer to the world along with advanced and glossy features  to accentuate the final results. The above-mentioned are the WordPress designing trends that are ruling the world wide web and will see a momentum with every new advancement in the Wordpress domain.  


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