Six Ways to Be More Human With AI

  Human AI  

According to IBM, 53% of IT companies worldwide will have accelerated Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption in 2022. The technology has been a pioneer in speeding up the data analysis of customers for enterprises. The powerful algorithms of AI can also help in testing, finding, and optimizing the winning experience. The analysis helps enterprises deliver the ideal experience based on their interests.


Now, when it comes to delivering the ideal personalized experience to consumers, many human marketing efforts are linked with AI algorithms. Additional human knowledge will be required to drive better results for your enterprise when it comes to AI.

1. Customer Data

To make AI more human, marketers need to understand their customers better. Data interpretation is a key to that challenge. The Marketing capabilities of AI will help enterprises with segmentation, testing, optimization, personalization, and tagging, which we will discuss below.

According to AI predictions, AI is supposed to improve data analytics by 59%. The datasets can be analyzed by the technology way faster than humans, and the decision-making of humans can be improved with AI here. However, the data has to be of sufficient quality.

2. Segmentation

  Segmentation is an important tool for dividing consumers into groups based on their behavior or characteristics. Artificial intelligence can go even further when it comes to segmentation.

Hidden patterns can be found by AI that is invisible to humans, and the possibilities of segmentations are virtually invisible with AI. Humans can then utilize those insights, and productivity can be improved with the right campaigns based on the segmentation.

3. Optimization

With human intervention, AI's learning and adaptive capabilities can be enhanced in many ways. With segmentation, the AI will deal with a significant amount of data. Each segment can be then treated differently. For example, a group that is already at the bottom of the funnel can be sent marketing emails more frequently. AI can segment the divisions for you, but it would need human intervention to work on it since the frequency of the email for that specific segment may need to be changed in the future.  

And if humans get overwhelmed by the complexities and resource management, machine learning can take over along with AI to automatically adapt to the campaign and future efforts connected to it. Humans can come up with a call to action and subject lines, and AI will mix and match them to find out which works best for the desired goals.

4. Personalization

According to a study, 59% of customers believe personalization influences their purchase behavior. Data analysis, segmentation, and optimization will help you deliver that personalized experience to your customer. Their past behavior over the internet will dictate the personalization levels by the AI.

For example, the 'frequently bought together' sections on ecommerce sites or the 'more like this' section on streaming services like Netflix. The actions and behaviors of consumers will influence the personalization to keep the engagement up. This also helps build a smooth user experience and can be implemented across mediums like articles, videos, or any other content.


5. Tagging

Another way to personalize your content is tagging. With human intervention, tagging blogs, images, videos, and other content can get haphazard. AI can help you maintain uniformity in tagging, mitigating the manual errors that make your content impractical, especially on an enterprise scale.

Automated content tagging will read the content and its metadata to tag the content, also taking into consideration the factors like length, topics, and format of the content. The tagged content also can be found easily in your CMS, and more automated processes can be implemented on the content since it is tagged properly.

6. Content Production

By now, we are familiar with the 'suggested responses' we see when we receive a text, an instant message, or an email. The keyboards in our devices are also equipped to predict the next word we are going to type, so you don't have to type them. AI can also shorten long content into calls to action or subject lines if a format is specified, and reports can be generated based on those performances.

Here, to make AI more human, we need human intervention. The subject headlines of the emails need to be emotionally appealing. AI can get rid of grammatical mistakes and run reports with numbers, but the creative aspect of marketing will always rely on humans since we understand empathy.


Artificial intelligence has been accepted widely and is being adopted daily by many enterprises worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, AI is not only about analyzing the data and producing reports or implementing simple automation.

One can put AI to a far better cause to make it a more human, personalizing, and friendly tool for their enterprise. Artificial intelligence can be used for segmentation, optimization, personalization, tagging, and content production, to implement its powers to more human approaches such as customer engagement and experience.


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