Six Business Benefits of Alfresco HRMS System for Your Company

Alfresco HRMS system enables you to make the most of an HR department. Here are the top benefits and importance of Alfresco for the human resources department.

When it comes to enterprise content management (ECM) services or document management system, the Alfresco platform stands firmly on the top. But, do you know, this robust framework can manage your HRMS as well efficiently? You may not get convinced, but here we explain how Alfresco-based HRMS system can work wonders at your workplace. It offers a plethora of benefits and works better than many prebuilt HRMS solutions.

Before going through some of the noteworthy benefits of Alfresco HRMS system for your company, let’s find out the role of the Alfresco platform in HRMS. Alfresco is a customizable and scalable platform that can easily manage a document management system of your company. Sooner or later, every department of your enterprise, including the HR department, has to deal with a plethora of documents, and there, Alfresco-based HRM system remains handly.

Here are the top benefits of Alfresco HRMS for your HR department and company as a whole.

1) Powerful Document Management System
Unquestionably, Alfresco is a great choice for a document management system. If we look at the HR department, a large number of documents related to employee details are required to be stored, analyzed, and linked to the HRMS solution Be it contact details or license details of employees, every information should be managed professionally with fewer efforts.

Alfresco enables the HR department to accomplish this task with a paperless approach. Even if your company has a workforce of more than 300 people, Alfresco HRMS solution can easily meet all the document management requirements.

2) Easy and Quick Integration
Alfresco is a Java-based platform, and experienced developers can easily integrate it with any customized business solution to work as an HRMS solution. In today’s cloud-driven age, you can count on Alfresco for the workflow-related functionality in a web-based portal solution.

Let us take an example of the HR department once again. The workflow of this department starts with the shortlisting of profiles and ends with the selection of the right person. Now, the entire process is documented and the prospective employee’s complete details are saved for future reference. There, Alfresco ECM services can lend a helping hand in integrating document management features.

3) Better Workflow Management
Alfresco goes beyond than just an ECM framework. It offers advanced workflow management capabilities irrespective of the company’s size. The complex and lengthy workflow of the HR department can also be managed effectively with the help of Alfresco. Be it induction-related documents or performance documents, all sorts of documents have a specific workflow, and Alfresco can manage it with ease.

4) Secure Access
Data security is one of the biggest concerns of SMEs and established enterprises alike. Authorized access can help companies address this issue. Alfresco can efficiently manage access based on the company’s hierarchy. Simply put, managers can get information about their subordinates as and when necessary and the top management can access to the manager’s information. In a way, any unauthorized access is prevented by Alfresco and your data can remain in the right hands.

5) Auditing Facility
Alfresco provides the status of each document across all versions. When it comes to the HR department, it deals with a plethora of documents and needs audit regularly. The Alfresco HRMS system can assist the management in auditing and delete non-essential documents after a certain time. Also, it is possible to archive important documents for a future reference.

6) Paper Documents Storage
Alfresco HRMS system is smart enough to store scanned documents and other documents in predefined folders and on the cloud. HR people can also add tags to stored documents to make their search easier. The Alfresco framework can store and organize any sort of documents and content like images and files in user-configurable folders or structure.

Whenever there is a need to go through the profiles of experienced candidates and freshers, reimbursement bills, or annual appraisal documents, the Alfresco-based HRMS helps the HR department and the management alike.

Concluding Lines
Enterprise Content Management is essential for ensuring all-round growth of your company over the period. You may not feel the need for a customized ECM currently, but as your enterprise grows and business expands beyond borders, you may feel the need. Therefore, it is better to integrate Alfresco-based ECM in your business system early. Alfresco HRMS system can be your first move toward giving your business an Alfresco advantage.

At Tridhya Tech, we have in-house teams of Alfresco ECM consultants and Alfresco developers. If you want to manage human resources department through a robust Alfresco system for increasing productivity of your company, just send us an email at [email protected] or contact us here. 

Our business consultants will approach you shortly to discuss the advantages of Alfresco HRMS system.

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