Significance of Consistent Customer Experience

Digitalization in commerce has propelled eCommerce to contribute the most to sustaining the momentum of the world’s economy today. Reaching customers through digital touchpoints like websites, mobile applications, and multiple others has become a dire need. But what is more important do you know? Being able to offer consistent experiences to customers through all touchpoints. 

Customer Experience is defined as the way the customer feels during all his interactions with the business/company. Customer interactions with the organizational landscape are continually changing, with the rise in digital transformation across the industries. 

Customers switch across multiple platforms during their purchase journey before making the final payment. For instance, a customer might start his purchase cycle with the web platform, and would switch to a phone because of certain interruptions, and might end his journey with a tablet or other devices.

Business presence on multiple channels has brought difficulty in offering a consistent customer experience 

Businesses have created their digital presence in multiple channels to expand their sales and increase their engagement with stakeholders included/customers. Indubitably, this digital transformation move brought many positive changes in organizations but to continually meet the ever-changing customer demands we need to bring constant innovations in our digital solutions. Above all, customer experience is incredibly valuable.  

In order to offer a consistent customer experience, robust omnichannel platforms are the solution! Liferay DXP is one of them. 

The digital experience platform of Liferay has a flexible architecture for easy and seamless integrations. This capability of Liferay allows users to complete their set of actions regardless of the device. One of the most important add-ons besides omnichannel experience is the personalized experience.  

Besides smooth integrations, we can track the behavior of users (logged-in as well as non-logged-in) to offer a personalized experience to them in return. This amalgamation of personalization and omnichannel support to the customers is beyond significant to offer impeccable experiences to the customers. 

The majority of customers today make their first interaction with business through mobile. Mobile applications can be created easily with the APIs integration with Liferay DXP. Content authoring is done on top of Liferay where the content edits are also reflected on mobile applications. This cuts the extra effort required in managing the mobile application differently. This creates a unified experience and benefits us with a single platform approach.  

With this capability of Liferay about smooth integration & interoperability, we can respond to every touchpoint in the entire customer journey regardless of the channel the customer is interacting with. 

Do you want to completely transform the way customers interact with you across the channels to offer immaculate experiences? Reach out to us today at [email protected].

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