Redesign your website to generate more online sales

With modern times the need for online and inside sales is increasing day-by-day and various techniques are to be followed for increasing it. At the moment you may be satisfied with the fact that you have a website but is it attracting enough audience?

Below are some signs that your website will be needing redesign to boost your online sales.

  1. Ranking is low
    If you witness traffic on the website going down, then it is a sign that maybe its design is outdated. The website should be optimized in a way that it gets into better search engine results pages (SERPs). As per the research, websites that have invested in redesigning the website for SEO guidelines get over 50% of the total traffic over the internet.

  2. Content is outdated
    One of the major parameters for the ranking is to produce quality content which will eventually lead to more traffic, better ranking, and desired output. Content is not king but KINGDOM. Content is much more valuable than merely filling web pages. Therefore, content should be updated from time to time to understand the popularity of various keywords.

  3. Mobile users are not engaging
    A website should be mobile-friendly because half of the total visitors would be mobile or tablet users these days. This is also one of the major reasons that it should be mobile-responsive.

  4. Speed of the website is slow
    Time is the soul driver of any business. If the speed of the website is slow then it will also affect the user experience. If user experience is not good, then it might be a hard time for the business owner to make it convincing for its target audiences. 53 % of mobile users leave the pages, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. Eventually, it will affect the conversion rate and bounce rate. Additionally, Google also penalizes websites that have low page speed scores which removes its appearance on the search engine.

  5. All Competitors have recently updated theirs.
    It is true that one should not follow their competitor blindly and have their own strategies for their business but after updating the website if your competitor is getting results outshining yours then it’s time for you to also update yours.

TO SUM UP, If your website is facing any of the above-listed issues, then it is time to contact us to redesign your website. It would make you enjoy the benefits that come along with it by redesigning the website.


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