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Prevention against Negative SEO 2016 - Tips for Beginners

The rapid change and transformation in the entire SEO industry since 2 years, has made many online marketers and SEO specialists to change their strategies and methods. Things have changed a lot which has made the high ranking in Google more difficult. Due to which, a new type of SEO came into existence Negative SEO 8 Very Simple SEO Strategies for Successful Ecommerce Business Read More So, let's have a closer look as to what exactly Negative SEO is. Negative SEO is simply the reverse of SEO i.e. socially decrease the reputation of your competitor. Digging a bit deeper, think of as to how you would apply SEO on your website? You will choose positive keywords for the content, maintain healthy relationships with clients and inbound links for social media marketing. Above all your site contains internal links. Imagine a spammer attacks your website and uses negative keywords to link to your website or publishes the content all over the internet. These all issues arise in negative SEO. This is a brief about Negative SEO. Now, this is a threat to us, to our social relationships, and to our rankings. What to do? Here, are some techniques be kept in mind: Skilled Professional Experts for Online Internet Marketing Services Let's Start to Talk
  • Google Search Console Through Google Search Console tool (Google Webmaster), you can verify the website. The issues that are occurring in your website can be easily detected and solved. Through the statistics generated for indexation and crawling rate of the website, helps you improve the performance of the website as to know what more you can do to make your website more SEO friendly. You also can receive email alerts if any problem arises. To receive emails for the alerts, connect to Webmaster Alerts, login into your account and click on Webmaster Tools Preferences for alerts. Choose the email notifications option and select all issues to get all type of alerts and then  Click “Save.”
  • Monitor backlinks Backlinks (Hyperlinks) are links that point to a webpage another webpage. In the game of SEO, quality links counts as votes, so the more quality backlinks you have the more popular you become. It is good to be popular but what if someone uses the concept of backlinks to rank you low or lower your reputation socially (by building poor links on your website)? So, regularly check the backlinks. rather than you checking backlinks manually, you may check them in Ahrefs or tools whether your site loses or gains backlinks. Also, you may set an alert in your email which could help you to take action immediately.
  • Disavow links Disavow link is a tool provided by Google. If your site's ranking is being harmed by low-quality links that are not under your control, you can  request Google by this tool not to consider those links into account. You can simply collect all the low-quality links of your website and upload a file to Google saying to overlook them when ranking.
  • Duplicate content One of the common practices of the spammers is the duplication of the content. They copy the websites content and paste it anywhere, which results in the decrease of the rankings. To check whether the web pages are replicated and copied somewhere else use In this tool, add the website or the content of the website, and it will show the content replicated or not.
  • Monitor your Social Media Mentions The use of  company's identity to make a faulty account is not a rare case nowadays. Often, spammers create these account on social media to make down the company's reputation. You can use for such cases, it will check all spammers who are trying to use your company's name. It works simple,  as soon as someone acknowledges your company name on any social media, you will be soon notified and you only have to decide what should be done.
Conclusion People do use negative SEO, do not make enemies socially. Maintain healthy and professional relationships. Follow these tips and tricks, it will help you to prevent negative SEO to happen.  

Website Technology

Google IO 2016 - The Major Developments

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Website Technology

Tips to keep in mind while getting your business website redesigned

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