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Native App Or Hybrid App - What's the Right Pick?

Mobile applications are becoming indispensable for every business model and industry vertical. People of this generation are making the most of their smartphones as their daily lives get tremendous support from a plethora of applications that these smartphones offer. So now transferring funds, reading emails, watching a movie, searching information, social networking and a lot more on the go is very easy and effortless. Watching this trend, if you have a plan to develop an application for mobile app market, the most primary decision you need to make is “Native app or Hybrid App”. For majority of businessmen and developer, this question is very common yet confusing whether to develop a hybrid mobile app or a native mobile app. This is an old contest and there is no ultimate winner of it. Digital Business Card App - A Revolution in the Modern Business World Read More

Now let’s, first of all, know,

What Is the Basic Difference Between Hybrid & Native Apps?

Hybrid App: Hybrid apps are partly native apps, partly web apps. In this developer increases web code with native SDK. This technology can be effortlessly deployed across multiple platforms and is usually the economical and expeditious solution. Furthermore, Hybrid app technology is with simple UI and less back-end work, very suitable for news apps which are data specific. Native App: Native apps are precise to a given mobile platform like iOS or Android using the development tools as well as a language that the particular platform supports for example Eclipse & Java with Android and Objective-C & Xcode with iOS. Generally, the native apps appear and perform outstandingly. Also, the native app system is broadly used for gaming applications since native technology is hardware and graphic focused.

Distinguish Between Hybrid and Native Application Development

Usually, both of the platforms have their own set of pros and cons, skim through to know in-depth.
  • Consumption of Cost & Time in Development: The hybrid apps takes very less amount of time to develop and are built at a reasonably low price in comparison with the native app. Actually, making a hybrid application means maintaining the only single code on the other hand with a native code you require an app developer for each platform. Nonetheless, it does not say that native apps are not good as they possess their own vantages.
  • User Experience (UX): The best user experience is offered by Native apps since they are principally designed for a single app store with which a user can get awesome compatible apps. Everything from the hardware competencies to screen size is taken care of, while in hybrid app the user experience is not as good as in native because it is not feasible to provide a wonderful UX with a single application for all platforms.
  • Free or Paid App: Due to the fact that native apps have cutting-edge User Interface (UI), therefore paid apps are majorly recommended to be developed as native apps, whereas free applications can be created as hybrid apps.
  • Speed of the Application: Native apps are very fast in functioning if compared with hybrid apps, which are moderate and not as quick as native ones.
  • Security: If we talk about the safety needs of a project, native application caters improved security ecosystem compares to hybrid apps; however maximum security issues are created due to lack of developers experience in security and server-side security issues.
  • Tools and Debugging: To test and debug the work, native app development provides better development environs and tooling. Thus, finding and fixing bugs is not a Herculean task using native development tools as it takes least time. On the other side, there are no dependable hybrid app development tools that can support in tooling and debugging task, this would lead in developers spending a lot of time to resolve problems.
  • Graphics: Native app development can incorporate graphics such as Native API’s whereas hybrid takes the accolades by including graphics such as HTML, Canvas, SVG which are the ruling technologies.
  • Mobile Application Approval Process: In Native app there is a very long procedure for getting the application approved at the App store, on the other hand hybrid app has no particular process and approval process and revenue sharing update from stores till now, however, and there is a greater risk of rejection from app store.
Vetted & Handpicked Dedicated Mobile App Developer for Your Needs Hire Today Last but not least, both native and hybrid are superior technologies to suffice the different needs and preferences of developers and users, and none of them can be thought as decisive solution. They have their strengths and weaknesses and it is up to you to decide which of them fits you better and which one you will use in your application. To get a robust mobile application developed on either of the technological platform all you can do is contact Techno Infonet, a reputed Mobile app design and development company. We are located in the USA since 2004, offering custom mobile app development services to our clienteles across the globe. Our designers and developers are well acquainted with up-to-the-minute technical knowledge which they incorporate in every project. Are you planning to develop a hybrid or a native mobile app for your business? Get in touch with us.

Mobile App

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