How to Set Workflow Due-date Reminder in Alfresco DMS

Alfresco is one of the most robust and reliable Enterprise Content Management and BPM (Business Process Management) systems. SMEs and large enterprises across various industry verticals use it for managing document systems.

Alfresco has gained ground over the period by adding new features and add-ons to meet modern enterprises' complex document management requirements. The platform has many useful features and functionality, and companies can make the most of them by consulting a reputed document management company.

Let’s take an example of one of such features of Alfresco-
Workflows or business processes are one of the most used functionalities of Alfresco. The Alfresco Community Edition has some built-in workflows to streamline and manage various processes. Now, every business process has a fixed deadline to achieve a bigger goal. There, reminding of the due date of the individual’s tasks can play a vital role in meeting the deadline.

But, there is no such functionality available in Alfresco to send due-date reminders to the users for their assigned tasks. We have developed this functionality or module to assist the Alfresco system administrator to set the due-date reminders for any business processes.

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide on how to set the due-date reminder in your enterprise content management system powered by Alfresco.

How to Use Workflow Due-date Reminder in Alfresco-based System

Step 1:
Deploy the workflow due-date reminder module to your Alfresco document management system

Step 2:
The Workflow Due-date Reminder option is available on the Admin Tools page

[caption id="attachment_19198" align="aligncenter" width="838"]Document management system Document management system[/caption]

Step 3:

  • Choose the workflow to set the reminder
  • Select the workflow priority (high, medium, low) to set the priority-wise separate reminder
  • Select the email template for the reminder notification to be sent to users
  • Choose the number of days before which reminder should be sent from the due date
  • There is an option for sending the notification daily from the days chosen to the due date itself, in case the employees/users have not taken any action

The workflow reminder notification will be sent on a specific day from the date from which the reminders are due. For example, workflow is due on 30 July. The workflow reminders can be set for 3 days prior i.e. 27 July.

But When you select Daily workflow reminder, a notification will be sent on each day from the (due-date – number of days set) to the due date.

Document management system Document management system document management system4

Step 4:

  • Already set reminders can be edited and deleted
  • A single reminder can be set for all the deployed workflows by selecting the ‘All’ option in the workflow selection dropdown

Step 5:
The sample email notification is mentioned below

Document management system6

However, the available email templates (from Data Dictionary/Email Templates/) will be listed while setting the reminders

Benefits of Workflow Due-date Reminder

  • It enables the admin to set workflow specific reminders
  • It is possible to set a general reminder for all the workflows
  • It assists the admin to set priority-wise reminders for workflows
  • It gives separate email templates for each and every reminder

Concluding Lines

We, at Tridhya Tech, strive for offering the best enterprise content management system based on Alfresco to address the diverse needs of our global clientele. Just send us an email at [email protected] to know more about our services like Alfresco support and consultancy, Alfresco performance optimization, and Alfresco content migration.

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