Digital Transformation in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Automotive is one of the primary segments of the automotive industry. Considering the vastness of the mere manufacturing itself among many other sectors of the industry, it revolves around manufacturers, parts manufacturers, OEMs, VARs, dealers, suppliers, and partners.  

The digitization of every process along with the complete digital transformation simplifies the complex web of inter-relations and inter-dependency of all the stakeholders in the sector. 

Digital solutions with Liferay DXP 

Automotive manufacturers are constantly figuring out digital and technology-enabled solutions to better meet the changing customer and industry demands.  

Manufacturing aspects of producing light-weight materials, highly efficient batteries to meet increased demands of EVs, cutting-edge technology implementations for automation in vehicles like self-driving, and customization-to-details to name a few, demand a lot of content management, data analytics, interconnecting siloed processes, future-proofing with storing data on the cloud and multiple other solutions for a complete and seamless digital transformation of manufacturing sphere of the automotive industry.

Focusing on all the manufacturing sections of the automotive industry, The Digital Experience Platform, Liferay DXP solves multiple digital transformation setbacks and offers agile, secure, and scalable solutions. 

Portal solutions with Liferay DXP for Automotive industry manufacturers 

Automotive manufacturing leverage Liferay DXP primarily for the following use cases.  

  • Partner Portal
  • Dealer Portal
  • Supplier Portal
  • Employee Portal
  • Customer Portal

With Liferay DXP, businesses overcome common industry challenges to increase revenue and create user value. The figure below mentions the imperative benefits.


1. Self-service Functionality
B2B/B2C customers and employees are empowered with self-service to help themselves. Liferay DXP makes the whole user journey lucrative.

2. Personalization 
The users are served as they would like to be served with liferay DXP. The touch of personalization to the user journey makes the whole experience stand out.

3. Omnichannel touchpoints 
Being able to respond to each touchpoint of an entire customer journey considering a mobile-first approach and single-view approach.

4. Future-proofing
Ensure your business continuity by future-proofing with Liferay DXP Cloud which is a secure and scalable solution.

5. Flexibility
Leverage the functionality of seamless integration in the flexible architecture of Liferay DXP to kick out the biggest hindrance of integrating with legacy systems.

No matter the automotive manufacturing digital transformation use case, the five prime benefits mentioned above participate aptly in making their digital transformation journey smooth. Whether part-manufacturing business, motorcycle manufacturing, car/truck manufacturing, or the dealers and partners involved in each of these sectors; 

At Tridhya Tech, we have been involved in creating digital enterprise solutions with Liferay for almost two decades for global organizations across industries. 
Reach out to us at to learn about case studies in the automotive industry.  


Case Study: Car Leasing Portal Solution for a Multinational Car Leasing Company

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